The Royal Weight Watcher: Sarah Ferguson: A Duchess Hungry For Love!

From a royal wedding to a royal outcast, Sarah Ferguson has seen it all and so did I when on Friday, July 15, 2011, I took in "The Royal Weight Watcher: Sarah Ferguson: A Duchess Hungry For Love," at the Midtown International Theatre Festival. Written and performed by Franziska Huber, "The Royal Weight Watcher," delves inside the life of Sarah Ferguson, exposing a side of Sarah not many knew. From her royal wedding to her downward spiral to her ultimate revival, Sarah Ferguson has survived it all.

Taking the audience on this journey is rising playwright and actress Franziska Huber. Franziska has done her research and wonderfully shows the struggles Sarah Ferguson has endured from lonliness and depression to losing her fortune to having her life saved by "Weight Watchers." There was a lot about Sarah's life I did not know, but after seeing "The Royal Weight Water," my eyes were opened to what seemed like a semi-charmed life to a life of hardships.

Franziska has worked hard to bring this show to life and her hard work has paid off! Come watch Sarah's rise, fall, and revival right before your eyes. "The Royal Weight Watcher" runs through July 25 at The June Havoc Theatre in NYC (312 West 36th Street, 4th floor). Click here for tickets!

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