"Hair, hair, hair, hair, hair!" is what has been running through my head since I saw the Broadway tour of "Hair" this past Sunday, July 10, 2011 at the St. James Theatre in NYC. "Hair" has been traveling around the country since the Broadway revival closed in 2010 and it has made a summer stop on Broadway. I was delighted to "Let The Sunshine In" once more.

Everything I enjoyed about this show is still there! With it's mixture of original Broadway revival Tribe members and new Tribe members, this Tribe has really made "Hair" their own, while keeping the original vision that everyone knows and loves in tact! Their chemistry is great, their energy is alive, and they run through the St. James theatre engaging the audience like no other show does!

I loved the recent Broadway revival a lot, but this Tribe immediately won me over. Led by Steel Burkhardt as "Berger" and Paris Remillard as "Claude," an even newer generation of "Hair" fans will be born! Steel really shines with his vocals and comedic moments, especially when interacting with the audience. While he's hitting all the right notes, Steel also knows how to get the laugh. Paris brings a great mixture of comedy and seriousness along with a great set of vocals. I felt for his character throughout the whole show. Original Tribe member Kacie Sheik continues to illuminate the stage as "Jeanie" getting everything right, while Darius Nichols still knocks it out of the park as "Hud," especially with amazing voice! Matt DeAngelis, Kaitlin Kiyan, Caren Lyn Tackett, Allison Guinn, and Josh Lamon have all stepped up to the plate as "Woof," "Crissy," "Sheila," "Mother/Buddhadalirama/Tribe," "Dad/Margaret/Tribe" respectively. All five have great voices and use them well. Matt adds an extra degree of comedy as he displays "Woof's" love for Mick Jagger and Josh Lamon has hugely amazingly controlled voice that projects well beyond the rafters along with great comedic timing! The remaining Tribe members all add to this great chemistry, though I do have to single out Nicholas Belton because my eyes kept going to his character. He definitely has stage presence and uses it well! 

"Hair" has still "got life!" If you've never seen "Hair," or if you have seen it time and again, now is a great time to experience "Hair" once more and celebrate love, peace, and being who you are. "Let The Sunshine In" and treat yourself and someone you love to the Broadway tour of "Hair" at St. James Theatre in NYC (246 West 44th Street, between Broadway & 8th Avenue) through September 10th! Click here for tickets!

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