Larry Kramer's "The Normal Heart," a show about the early days of the AIDS epidemic, is one of the most riveting plays I have seen on Broadway in a while. I just saw it for the second time and loved it. It's powerful, moving, and emotionally charged.

The stellar, stellar cast that helps bring Larry's words to life are Joe Mantello, John Benjamin Hickey, Jim Parsons, Lee Pace, Luke MacFarlane, Ellen Barkin, Mark Harelik, Patrick Breen, Richard Topol, and Wayne Alan Wilcox. What makes this cast so spectacular is that they can perform this piece 8 times a week, just as powerful as the time before. In this day and age, I think most people know someone who has been affected by AIDS. I know I sure have and the emotions brought during this piece are many.

While everyone adds to the drama, the performances I was most moved by were Joe Mantello, John Benjamin Hickey, Ellen Barkin, Lee Pace, Jim Parsons, Mark Harelik, and Luke MacFarlane's. Each of these performers bring so much energy and emotion to their role, it's truly inspiring.

This show may take place in the 80s, but it's very relevant to today. It's a reminder that even though progress has been made with modern medicine, there is still no known cure for AIDS and we still need to be careful and safe.

I think "The Normal Heart" is an important show to see even if you've seen previous versions. I think you will be moved, inspired, and reminded that AIDS is still a very big issue these days and we still need to take precautions. AIDS is not over and thank goodness for Larry Kramer to remind us of that while showing us how far we've come, yet how far we still need to go. Sometimes we need to go back in time to keep moving forward.

"The Normal Heart" takes us back in time, but reminds us of where we currently are. "The Normal Heart" plays at The Golden Theatre in NYC (252 West 45th Street, between Broadway and 8th Ave) through July 10! For tickets, click here!

Lysistrata Jones

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