Cast of Thousands: Gillett Sings Carnelia

With only 3 performances left, I would highly suggest going to see Eric Michael Gillett in his cabaret show "Cast of Thousands: Gillett Sings Carnelia" at the Laurie Beechman Theatre in NYC.

This was my very first introduction to Eric Michael and to the music of Craig Carnelia and let me say I was impressed by both! Eric Michael woos his audience and commands the stage with his seductive vocals and even bigger belts! From the moment he opened his mouth to sing, the audience was entranced and Eric Michael sizzled for the 90 minute performance! Craig Carnelia's music is diverse, fun, and at times heartbreaking, but Eric Michael knew just how to interpret each song perfectly!

The whole evening was a delight, with my favorite songs being:

"Cast of Thousands," a really great song about how life is a movie with many regular players, a lot of guest stars, and the many extras the strangers in the background represent. (This couldn't be more true! I love all the players in my movie, some of whom I haven't even met yet).

"Fran & Janey," a song about 2 friends out together catching up on life. (These are some of my favorite moments with my friends. When you just meet up and gab).

"The Picture In The Hall," which talks about the times in life we get out the old photo album and reminisce about the past. (A trip down memory lane always gives me a warm feeling of seeing family members no longer with us, or from good times with friends, but also reminding me of the lessons I've learned from lost friendships).

"Look In My Eyes," a song about love. It's simple, yet powerful. (When I finally find love again, I can't wait to have these moments).

"The Last Forty Years," an emotionally charged song about saying goodbye to someone you love. (It made me think of my the love my grandparents shared until their passing).

"The Kid Inside," a fun song cycle looking back on the innocent times of our childhood. (I feel as though I've never lost the child inside as those memories are always fresh in my mind).

"Magellan," hilarious song about a student's crush on his history teacher. (Who hasn't had a crush on their teacher...I sure remember mine).

"Life On Earth," a beautiful song about how special the earth is and all it has to offer. (This was a nice reminder that what we have here is precious, despite the chaos we sometimes live amongst).

I'm so glad to have been introduced to both Eric Michael and the music of Craig Carnelia. If you are looking for an evening of enjoyment, then check out "Cast of Thousands: Gillett Sings Carnelia on June 29, July 11, or July 18 all at 7pm at the Laurie Beechman Theatre in NYC (407 West 42nd Street, between 9th & 10th Avenue). Click here for tickets!

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