The Other Day

On June 18, I had the pleasure of seeing "The Other Day," written by New York Innovative Theatre Award Nominee and fellow "Call Me Adam" participant Mark Jason Williams as part of 3rd Annual Planet Connections Theatre Festivity. From the moment the show started, I could tell this play was written from the heart and soul of a talented playwright. Smart and humorous, "The Other Day" tells the story of two guys who meet in rehab and follows their loving yet tumultuous relationship from start to finish. "The Other Day" takes the audience on this ride of love, death, rehab, Amsterdam, and most of all life!

Mark's writing was so raw and honest that it made me constantly think about how much of this story was autobiographical and how much of it was loosely based upon truth. Either way, "The Other Day" had me enthralled from beginning to end. Adding to this compelling play was a talented cast of 4 (Lars D. Drew, Amadeo Fusca, Zach Wegner, Elena Zazanis) who helped bring the words of Mark Jason Williams alive!

As emotional as this play was, it also had it's fair share of humor and very relatable moments, especially in the world of dating and each of the characters trying to find themselves. There were many lessons I was reminded of throughout the show, but the biggest lesson I was reminded of was "The most import person you have to please is yourself."

With only two performances left, I would suggest running to "The Other Day." "The Other Day" plays at The Robert Moss Theatre in NYC (440 Lafayette Street) on June 21 at 4pm and June 22 at 8pm. For tickets, click here!

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