I had quite the enjoyable evening in NYC's East Village when I went to see fellow "Adaumbelle's Quest" participant Stuart Williams in the Off-Off Broadway show "Under The Blue Sky" by David Eldrige at the Kraine Theater (85 East 4th Street). I had only seen Stuart in one other production, last year's Off-Off Broadway show "Billy Carver and the Children in Mind." What I found at "Under The Blue Sky" was a compelling story of friendship, love, loss, betrayal, and societal influence.

Stuart Williams, Sarah Manton, "Under The Blue Sky", Photo Credit: Joe SchulzJonathan Tindle, Elizabeth Jasicki, "Under The Blue Sky", Photo Credit: Joe Schulz"Under The Blue Sky" is presented by Mind The Gap Theatre and directed by it's founder Paula D'Alessandris. "Under The Blue Sky" tells the story of "Helen" and "Nick," who's relationship takes a turn that affects the lives of all the other characters. Set in England between the years of 1996-1998, this story is brought to life in an intermissionless 1 hour and 45 minutes comprised of 3 acts that all tell a different couple's story all the while kept woven back to "Helen" and "Nick."

Richard Hollis, Christine Rendel, "Under The Blue Sky", Photo Credit: Joe SchulzStuart Williams, Sarah Manton, "Under The Blue Sky", Photo Credit: Joe SchulzHelping to bring this "Under The Blue Sky" alive is a cast of wonderful actors: Sarah Manton as "Helen," Stuart Williams as "Nick," Elizabeth Jasicki as "Michelle," Jonathan Tindle as "Graham," Christine Rendel as "Anne," and Richard Hollis as "Robert." Each one gets to shine with in their own story, leaving their mark on stage as so you don't forget them during the next one.

If you are looking to get wrapped up in a story, treat yourself to Mind The Gap's "Under The Blue Sky" at The Kraine Theatre in NYC's East Village (85 East 4th Street) through June 5! Click here for tickets!

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