Lance HorneOn Thursday, April 14, 2011, I had an amazing evening at Joe's Pub while attending Drew Brody's concert, "Songs I Drew," with music direction by Lance Horne. I have been a fan of Drew's for a little over 2 years now and I was so excited when it was announced that he was having an evening of his music presented at Joe's Pub.

This evening was very special for many reasons. Personally, I got to sit in the VIP section at Joe's Pub for the very first time and to my delight singer and fellow "Adaumbelle's Quest" participant Jay Brannan sat with me (Drew co-produced Jay's album "In Living Cover"). I also got to meet the incomparable Lance Horne, who's debut album "First Things Last" has become a quick favorite of mine (click here for my review).

The real thrill of the evening was getting to hear Drew's music, a combination of his folk music and music he has written for the stage from his shows "Derma" & "Cutman: A Boxing Musical." Drew and Lance assembled a stellar line up of talent! I was introduced to so many new performers that I was left wanting so much more!

Drew started the evening off singing one of my favorite songs of his, "Ballad of Mildred Loving (Loving in Virginia)" along with Amal and Pamela Quinn on vocals and Jeff on guitar. This is a song inspired by the famous 1967 "Loving vs. Virigina" Supreme Court Case. Drew captured the whole story with this captivating song.

Some of my other favorite songs throughout the evening were from "Cutman: A Boxing Musical" (a new original musical making its premiere at the Goodspeed in CT from May 12-June 5) in which Drew wrote the music and lyrics.  "Cutman" is about a Jewish Boxer named Ari Hoffman who finally decides goes pro and is set for the title fight, only to learn it's been scheduled for the eve of Yom Kippur. Ari has to decided whether to follow his faith or his ambition. Well, Drew had some strong talent perform this music. Ana Nogueira took to the stage and when she sang, I was engulfed! The voice on this girl is like no other! I was so impressed with her vocal talent that I immediately found her after the show and asked her if she would be willing to do an interview with me. I am happy to report, her interview will be posting soon! Ana performed two songs, "Come Back" and "Stay With Him" (with Laura Dean). Recording artist Matt Morris also took to the stage and performed "Faithful," the moment in the show where "Ari" ponders following his faith or ambition. Matt has the voice of an angel. He sang and I was mesmerized!

Other shining moments came when Stephanie D'Abruzzo, Alan Cumming, and Christian Campbell all sang. Both Stephanie and Christian sang original Drew Brody songs. Stephanie sang "Christmas On My Own," which she hand picked and it went perfectly with her voice! Christian shined on "I Will Tell You Know" with his big, strong vocals, while Alan dazzled with "So What?" from Drew's show "Derma," where the character sings that it's okay to be different. 

Photo Credit: Matt MorrisThe night ended on two high when Amber Martin sang "Survive" from "Derma" and the second when Drew and Amal performed Drew's song "Prove Me Wrong."

Drew and Lance sure put together a fantastic night of music and talent! Drew's song writing ability is right up there with some of the greats. He writes songs that speak to a wide range of people and has the talent to convey them through his singing as well as others who perform his music!


Photo Credit: Ned Stresen-ReuterWhen there is another evening of "Songs I Drew," I highly, highly suggest to attend! Until then, I recommend picking up Drew's CD "Drew Brody" or heading to the Goodspeed in CT between May 12 and June 5 to see "Cutman: A Boxing Musical."

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