Memphis: The Movie...Fantastical!

During the week of January 17, 2011, the Tony Award Winning Broadway Musical "Memphis" was filmed live over a few consecutive nights with the notion that it would be released in movie theaters at a future point. That future point is now and on Thursday, April 28, I attended "Memphis: The Movie," at the legendary Ziegfeld Theatre on 54th Street in NYC. First of all, to see any movie at the Ziegfeld Theater is an experience in itself and what better way to have my first experience in this amazing theater than with "Memphis."

Everyone involved with the production and the filming/editing process of "Memphis" should be very proud of themselves! It came out wonderfully! "Memphis" is one of my favorite Broadway shows, so nevertheless I was thrilled when I heard it was going to filmed for future distribution. I was even more thrilled because I got to attend one of those January nights when they were filming, so to get to see the finished product is pretty special.

"Memphis: The Movie" is an experience with in itself! The way the show was filmed allowed me to see "Memphis" in a whole new light. The enhanced sound allowed me to hear things I missed when seeing the show on Broadway (because some actors say lines under their breath) while the close-ups of the actors made some moments of the show that much greater and added a new dimension to the amazingly fantastical talent that is the "Memphis" cast! After seeing the movie, not only did I leave the Ziegfeld singing the music, but it made me want to see "Memphis" live on Broadway again.

While for me a live theatrical experience is unique and cherished, filming "Memphis" was a brilliant idea because now it's captured forever on film and that allows people across the country to experience the magic of "Memphis" who might not be able to make it to New York to see it live on Broadway. I do hope that a DVD release is planned for somewhere down the line!

"Memphis: The Movie" plays for just a limited time at select movie theaters through May 3! Click here for participating theaters and tickets!

"Memphis" on Broadway continues to play to packed houses 8 times a week at the Shubert Theatre in NYC (225 West 44th Street, between Broadway & 8th Ave)


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