Scott Alan: What I Wanna Be When I Grow Up

CD designed by Robbie RozelleIf you’ve never heard Scott Alan’s music before, you are missing out on one of the best new songwriters/composers of our time. He has released two previous albums “Dreaming Wide Awake” and “Keys.” Now with the release of his third album, “What I Wanna Be When I Grow Up,” Scott Alan continues to grow and shine as songwriter/composer as he writes about love, life, and loss, with songs that are emotional, inspiring, and most of all heartfelt while assembling some of the biggest names in theatre as well as artists on the rise. With a slightly different sound on this album, Scott keeps writing with honesty, love, and intellect. I have not heard a Scott Alan song that I wasn’t able to identify with and that to me makes an incredible songwriter. For more on Scott and his music be sure to visit!

"Love, Love, Love" sung by Nikki Renee Daniels

 This song is about wanting love, the wonderful feelings love brings, and how it’s more about the person than the material things that makes one happy. This uplifting song has the perfect melody to go along with the lyrics and Nikki’s voice shines brightly as she embodies the lyrics and melody.

"Watch Me Soar" sung by Willemijn Verkaik

Tells the tale of girl who has big dreams and is tired of everyone’s perception of her and tired waiting for her dreams to come true, so she finally takes control of her life and takes the necessary steps to reach her dream. This is my first introduction to Willemijn Verkaik and I was impressed.  She uses her vocal skills to push this story along signifying the longing this girl has to fulfill her dream and the moment she realizes it’s time to break free.

"Nothing More" sung by Christopher Sieber

A beautiful song about a man, who happens to be gay, wanting a family and all the joy that brings to him and those he loves. It’s about a man who realizes his legacy doesn’t only have to be his work, but it can be the family he helped create and raise. Singing this wonderful song is the amazingly talented two-time Tony Award nominee, Christopher Sieber. Christopher sings this song so simply which reinforces not only Christopher's talent, but the longing this man in the song has about wanting “Nothing More” than a family.

"Warm" sung by Zak Resnick and Morgan James

Zak Resnick and Morgan James hit the mark on this wonderful song about two people who find each other and fall in love. Their powerful and enchanting voices blend perfectly while still showcasing them separately.

"I Wish" sung by Diana DeGarmo

Diana DeGarmo really belts it out of the park on “I Wish,” a song about a girl who has a dream she wants to pursue and hopes her mom understands it one day, but even if she doesn’t, she’ll still pursue it anyway. This seems like the perfect song for this former “American Idol” to sing as I feel it helps show the world to hold onto your dreams for you never know what just might happen.

"Not Quite Ready Yet To Grieve" sung by Cassie McIvor

Another fantastic song about letting a loved one go, Scott has captured so many emotions that many people feel. He was smart to have Cassie McIvor sing it because her vocal quality fits well as she starts out soft and gradually gets louder and louder as she wonders how to move forward. I’ve never heard Cassie sing before this song, but I hope to get to hear more from her down the line.

"Over The Mountains" sung by Bobby Steggert

One of the most honest, raw, and emotionally charged songs I’ve heard in a while. This song really hit a homerun. Telling the story of a boy growing up and shedding his past to live a truthful future resonates so much. Bobby Steggert talent really shines through on this song as he hits all the right notes. Scott has added yet another gem to his catalog of music!

"Take Me Away" sung by Darius de Haas

Darius de Haas sings out on this fantastic song about a man wanting to change something in his life and wondering what else is out there.  What would happen if this man just packs up and goes and lets the wind guide his life? A thought I feel most people have, this song is very identifiable by so many. Darius knows how to convey all these emotions with his vocal talent.

"Easy" sung by Laura Osnes

A light and fun song about falling in love is sung perfectly by Laura. The sweet innocence of this song seems fitting for this former “Grease” and “South Pacific” star as she uses her big, beautiful belt to capitalize on the strong emotion of love she is feeling.

"Anything Worth Holding On To" sung by Crystal Monee Hall

Scott has hit the mark yet again with another emotionally charged song about someone who’s dreams aren’t coming true and is tired of fighting and just wants to give up, but somehow still finds that little bit of strength and hope to know maybe tomorrow will be better even though today is tough and they feel like giving up.  Crystal Monee Hall triumphs with her vocal quality on this song as she wonderfully displays the emotions of despair, with just that hint of hope to continue on.

"I Remember" sung by Christiane Noll

Still another song about losing love while remembering all the good times, Christiane Noll uses her talented voice to showcase this emotion spot on…sad to be losing the love you had, but remembering the fond moments.

"Taking Back My Life" sung by Patina Miller

Another song of empowerment Scott has added to his catalog! A song all about taking control of one’s life is a theme Scott writes about often and one that is identifiable to many. Patina Miller captures the essence of this song using her powerful vocals to let the world know, her life is hers.


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