"Private Page" by Katie Thompson

Produced by Katie Thompson and Shea Sullivan, "Private Page" is a must have album. Kaite sings about love, loss, betrayal, and life! On every song, Katie uses her skilled and controlled vocals to accentuate the emotions she's feeling in each song that are all so brilliantly and wonderfully written by Katie, except for "Heaven Is A Place On Earth" which was written by Richard W. Nowels. This emotionally charged album is one for your collection and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. As an added bonus, Katie teamed up with cellist extraordinaire and fellow "Adaumbelle's Quest" participant, Mairi Dorman-Phaneuf for 5 of the album's 13 songs!

The first track "Heaven Is A Place On Earth" was featured on the hit Fox show "So You Think You Can Dance." Katie Thompson took this song, originally recorded by Belinda Carlisle, and made it her own by Katie Thompsonizing it...she slowed it down and made it more powerful and emotional.

"Slow" is a great song about the slow healing pain caused by a loved one.

"Cold Winter Sky" is a beautifully written song about trying to take the steps to get over the heartache of a relationship lost. Katie's vocals are especially strong on this song as she perfectly displays the emotional challenge moving forward.

"My One and Only" talks about a person who's wondering if their lover needs them like they feel they do. Katie riffs her way through this song at the emotional heights which adds so much to this song, while quietly singing through the questions going through her mind.

"Your Side" is all about a person who lets her lover know that no matter what, they on their side through the good and bad times.

"My Heart" is song where tells the story of a lover who's willing to give their heart to them, with all the emotional, physical, and spiritual parts that go with it.

"Private Page" is a song about writing down your feelings and getting them out, in this particular case, writing about looking for love.

Another amazingly written song, "Why Are You Still Here" is all about a person who's had enough of the relationship she's in and asking their lover "Why Are You Still Here?" Katie's powerhouse vocal range shine brightly again on this cut.

"Your 'Girlfriend'" is a song about a girl who's involved with a guy who won't leave his girlfriend for her, so she threatens to befriend his girlfriend, unless he leaves her.

"You" is about a person who's attracted to someone, but has so many emotions/questions running through their mind and doesn't know how to communicate what she's feeling.

"Simmer" is a great jazzy/bluesy song about a couple who realizes they need to cool things off before they each get burned. Once again Katie riff's through this song at the emotional heights!

"I Like Christmas For The Food" is the album comedic song about why one girl likes Christmas so much. Katie's fun side really shows through on this song.

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