Tim Di Pasqua at the Metropolitan Room

On Saturday, February 19, I had the pleasure of getting to see singer/songwriter Tim Di Pasqua perform at The Metropolitan Room in NYC in "Tim Di Pasqua: An Evening of Originals." While I interviewed Tim a few months back for "Adaumbelle's Quest," this was actually my very first full length Tim Di Pasqua show. My only prior exposure to Tim was seeing him perform one song as part of "The Leading Men Concert" in 2005, hosted by John Tartaglia. Even then, I knew Tim and his music were special and when I started this blog, I knew he was someone I wanted to feature, so I was very excited when it happened.

Tim Di Pasqua has a style and sound that is truly his own. I have never heard another singer/songerwriter similar, either musically or lyrically. Sure, I've heard some of the same themes he sings about, but Tim has a talent that allows him to take that theme and make it uniquely his own. Tim sings of love on "Since Love's Come Around," "London is The Capital Of Paris," and "I Would Be So Pleased." He sings of loss on "Not So Rosy In My World," "Comfortable," and "What Do I Know?" Tim's comedic side comes out on such fun tunes as "That List" about looking for love on "Craig's List," "Hole and A Heartbeat" inspired by a "Craiglist" posting looking for just that, and "She Sweats" about a guy who falls for a girl who sweats and he doesn't mind. The other aspect of Tim's music that makes him so special is his way of going from fun to love to loss to spirituality. Tim sang "Godless" about a time on the subway when one of those preacher people came on and told him how he was "Godless" for not believing the same as him. He also sang "Terrible Things" about how sometimes good people do terrible things and sometimes terrible things happen to good people.

In addition to his vocals, Tim easily relates to the audience in between songs. His stories perfectly segway from one song to the next. Tim & his music fills the room with love, laughter, and lots of insight! So the next time Tim Di Pasqua is performing, I highly suggest going to check him out!

What made this night extra special for me is when Tim was saying his "Thank You's" at the end of the show to which he says "I'd like to Thank Adam Rothenberg and Wayman Wong for all the press coverage they gave me." Well, my eyes welled up with joy! Now, I have gotten a lot of thanks over these past two years from everyone who has participated in my blog, but this was the first time someone "Thanked Me" from the stage at the end of their show. Thank You Tim Di Pasqua for making me feel so special!

P.S. Tim will be performing every Monday in April at 8:30pm Feinstein's at the Regency in "Jim Van Slyke "The Sedaka Show with Speical Guest Neil Sedaka." For tickets & more information, click here!

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