Ashley Austin Morris Comedy Show: SO a parallel universe

On Monday, December 5, 2011, I laughed for well over an hour while I attended rising actress, comedian, and fellow "Adaumbelle's Quest" participant Ashley Austin Morris' comedy show "SO a parallel universe" at the Darryl Roth Lounge in NYC's Union Square.

This was my first introduction to Ashley as a comedian and I was quite impressed! Performing to a standing room only crowd, Ashley triumphed with her brand of self-deprecation and observance comedy. She talked about crosswalks, accidents, feed the children, and homeless people. The way Ashely sees the world through comedic eyes is refreshing, hilarious, and enjoyable. The best part about Ashley's comedy was the way she poked fun at herself. I truly feel this is the best kind of comedy, where the comedian can laugh at themself.

For over an hour, Ashley had the crowd in huge laughter! I'm not surprised by this because I've seen Ashley in a few theatrical comedic plays and Ashley always stole the scene with her comedic timing. Ashley Austin Morris a girl on the rise in both acting and comedy! Keep your eyes peeled because this is one girl who's going far!

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