Dennis Williams as "Tina Turner"On November 28, 2011, I saw Madonna, Tina Turner, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, The Spice Girls, and Cher take the stage at the Snapple Theatre in NYC's hottest new drag show "ICONS," which took Provincetown by storm this past summer! Produced by Tom D'Angora and Michael Duling, "ICONS" is an amazing tribute to some of music's biggest artists!

All of these artists are phenominally performed by Brianna Andrews/Ricardo Torres and Dennis Williams! These guys really have mastered each of the singers they portray from their manerisms to their dance moves to their energy. Performing hit after hit, with new songs thrown in, "ICONS" is a dream concert happening live. 

Brianna Andrews/Ricardo Torres as "Madonna"Dennis Williams/Brianna Andrews/Ricardo Torres in "ICONS"Hitting all the right notes, "ICONS" celebrates the powerful, influential musical artists who have paved the way for so many. It really highlights the contribution these "ICONS" have made to the music industry and reminds us of why they have made not only a name for themselves, but have made music history!

For a concert like you've never seen, featuring the music industry's biggest names and hits, "ICONS" is the show to attend! Playing every Friday and Saturday night at 10:45pm at The Snapple Theatre in NYC (1627 Broadway, corner of 50th & Broadway), "ICONS" is the perfect way to start your weekend off right! Click here for tickets!

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