I truly got into the spirit of the holidays on tonight (Saturday, December 10, 2011), when I attended James Barbour's "Holiday Concert" at NYC's famed venue Sardi's. This was my first time ever attending a concert at Sarid's and it was a truly wonderful space for it's intimate nature made me feel even more engulfed in the show than I was.

While I've followed his career via various theatre news sites, tonight's concert was actually my first time seeing James peform live and let me say James Barbour's vocal skills are magnificent! He has great range and really knows how to belt out a tune and when to keep it more reserved.

Performing mostly holiday tunes (such as "Have Yourself A Very Merry Christmas," "White Christmas," "Dreidel, Dreidel," "Oh Chanukah, Oh Chanukah"), James did treat the audience to one song off of his new CD "Bring Me Giants," and a beautifully moving song about his mother who passed away in 2005. What made James' concert even more enjoyable was his humorous banter in between songs. James really knows how to connect with an audience, making everyone feel welcome.

One of the most fun parts during the concert was when James sang "12 Days of Christmas" because he makes this song very interactive with the audience. Without giving too much away, whoever is the most interactive of those who volunteer, wins a prize (in tonight's case it was one of three CDs featuring James Barbour). For those of you who have seen his previous concerts, you know how fun much this is. Tonight, I was the lucky winner. It was really wonderful! I won a copy of James' new CD "Bring Me Giants," which is a collection of songs based on a classic literary character.

Another part of James' Holiday Concerts that is truly wonderful, is that James always enlists a special guest to sing a few tunes. Thursday's guest was Broadway and TV star Paige Davis, Friday's guest was rising performer and fellow "Adaumbelle's Quest" participant Andrew Samonsky, and tonight's guest was rock legend Tony Harnell (of 80s hard-rock band TNT). Tony and his wife peformed two songs together which were just great!

James has one more show tomorrow in NYC at Sardi's and then he's taking the show to CA on December 16-17at The Coterie at The Renaissance Hollywood Hotel (1775 North Highland Avenue, CA). If you have never seen James Barbour live, this is a great time to do so for much joy will be brought into your soul after seeing such a talent as James!


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