Seth Numrich in Lincoln Center's "War Horse", Photo Credit: Paul KolnikLincoln Center's Tony Award Winning Play "War Horse" is a true Broadway experience! On Tuesday, November 8, 2011, I attended this magnificent production that really lived up to all it's hype. "War Horse" takes place during the outbreak of World War I and tells the story of a boy's horse who is sold to the calvary and shipped off to France. The boy, who's now a young man, sets out to find his horse and bring him home.

This show has everything: a wonderfully talented cast, great music, unbelieveable puppeteers, good costumes, great lighting effects and scenic design, and a book that kept me intrigued from beginning to end! Every person in this cast should be applauded for their wonderful performance! While there are a few characters that lead the show, I definitely felt this show was ensemble driven, meaning, every single person on stage was needed to make this show the amazing experience it was!

Matt Doyle in Lincoln Center's "War Horse", Photo Credit: Paul KolnikKate Pfaffl in Lincoln Center's "War Horse", Photo Credit: Paul KolnikAll of the puppeteers should get a shout out because of the remarkable work they did bringing these horses to life! I was intrigued, amazed, and enthralled with how they worked those horses. I only hope to be in 1/2 the shape they are in one day! There were a few specific people who stood out to me and I wanted to give them a mention: Seth Numrich was perfectly cast as "Albert Narracott" (his character's horse is the one that gets shipped off to France). He put so much emotion into his character that I was glued to him everytime he was on stage. Matt Doyle was great as "Billy Narracott." I first came to know Matt a few months back when he released his debut EP "Daylight," but "War Horse" was my first look at his acting ability and let me say Matt has the talent and skills to take center stage! Peter Hermann was wonderful as "Chapman Carter/Hauptmann Friedrich Muller" both in acting ability and looks (how could I not mention that)! One person who truly captured my attention each and everytime she came on stage was Kate Pfaffl as "Song Woman." I've heard a lot of beautiful, wonderful, and very skilled voices in my many ventures and Kate's is definitely one more to add to that list! Everytime she sang, I would hope for more and luckily, I got more! In addition to "War Horse," Kate is a composer/singer/songwriter who's music I look forward to exploring! She has got some great vocals in her and it's paradise that I got to hear them so much tonight during "War Horse."

Peter Hermann in Lincoln Center's "War Horse", Photo Credit: Paul KolnikThere are a lot of wonderful shows to choose from on Broadway, but Lincoln Center's "War Horse" is one that I highly, highly recommend! It was a true evening of drama, music, stunningly amazing visual effects, and some of the most talented performers I've seen. "War Horse" plays at Lincoln Center's Vivian Beaumont Theatre in NYC (150 West 65th Street, between Broadway & Amsterdam). Click here for tickets! 

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