There's a new playwright in town and that playwright, my friends, is none other than Academy Award Nominee Jesse Eisenberg. On November 19, 2011, I took in Jesse's hilarious show "Asuncion" at the Cherry Lane Theatre in NYC. In addition to Jesse himself, "Asuncion" stars Remy Auberjonois, Justin Bartha, and Camille Mana. 

When twenty-something "Edgar" (played by Jesse Eisenberg) a blogger who writes about condemning American Imperialism and lives with thirty-something "Vinny" (played by Justin), who is 3/4 into his PhD in Black Studies. When "Stuart" (played by Remy), moves his Filipina wife "Asuncion" (played by Camille) in with "Edgar" and "Vinny," they are given the perfect opportunity to test out their studies. "Asuncion" tells the story of how we exploit culture and politics for our own needs.

All four actors are terrific! They play well off of each other and have great comedic timing. Jesse triumphs as "Edgar," with his skilled and energetic acting. Justin is wonderful as "Vinny," especially his transformation from a care-free guy to a guy who is wanting more. Camille takes the spotlight many times throughout the show as "Asuncion." She is a genius comedic actress and really knows when to hit the mark! She also has her serious moments and it's great to see her flip between them. Remy is well cast as "Stuart" and does well with his shining moment.

Me and Justin Bartha, Photo Credit: Paul C. FocazioJesse Eisenberg and Me, Photo Credit: Paul C. Focazio"Asuncion" is a well written show by a promising playwright! It's an enjoyable night out with a starry and talented cast! With just a few weeks left, I would take a trip to the Cherry Lane Theatre in NYC (38 Commerce Street) to see "Asuncion," which runs until it's extended date of December 18! Click here for tickets!

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