On Sunday, October 2, 2011, I took in a great new musical called "This One Girl's Story" as part of the New York Musical Theatre Festival. With heart, soul, moving lyrics, and powerful performances, "This One Girl's Story" is inspired by actual events about four women who head into the big city for a night of fun, dancing, and possibly some romance, but a shocking incident turns the night into a moment where they have to face difficult thruths about themselves.

Helping bring this show to life is an amazingly talented group of performers: Angela Grovey (Cee-Cee), Zonya Love Johnson (Patrice), Danielle K Thomas (Dessa), Desiree Rodriguez (Lourdes), Jade Hicks (Promise), and Antonio Edwards Suarez (Mick). This cast had great chemistry together and some of the most beautiful voices I have heard, but Angela and Zonya's voices really won me over! These two girls CAN SING!!!!!!! I was in awe everytime they belted a tune out! The only other show I saw Desiree in was "Tricks The Devil Taught Me," so it was great to see her in this role because I got to hear her wonderful voice and see her in a more comedic role, which she did brilliantly! Another performer that was busting out was Danielle K Thomas who's vocals soared as well! She brought a lot of heart to her character and one of the things I identified most with was the way her character used songs to communicate her feelings (which annoyed her girlfriend, but my personal feeling is if a song was written about a certain situation or feeling, it must have happened to someone else because otherwise, why would it have been written). Jade seduced her way onstage as a possible love interest for one of the girls, but my main interest with her was her fine dance moves and beautiful voice. As the sole guy in the show, Antonio gave a great performance with his slick and suave moves as well as his fine rapping! I first met Antonio when he was an MFA student at the American Reperotry Theatre and have bumped into him here and there over the years in NY, but this was my first time getting to see him on stage since our days in Cambridge, so it was so great to see him up there!

It's great that this tale is being told because there are many points in it that need to be told. One such point is being proud of who you are and standing up for yourself when others are knocking you down. Another one is learning the true meaning of love and all that it takes to make a relationship work. There is also the importance of friends and having strong friendships to help you through the rough times when others turn their back on you. Finally, there is the reminder that life is precious, so you should live it the best you can!

With just a few performances left "This One Girl's Story" plays Wednesday, October 5 at 4:30pm, Friday, October 7 at 1pm, and Sunday, October 9 at 8pm. For tickets to this great show, click here!

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