Santino Fontana and Joanna Gleason, Photo Credit: Joan MarcusOn October 28. 2011, I attended Roundabout Theatre's production of Stephen Karam's brilliantly engaging play "Sons of the Prophet," starring Tony Award winner Joanna Gleason, Drama Desk Award Winner Santino Fontana, along with Yusef Bulos, Jonathan Louis Dent, Lizbeth Mackay, Dee Nelson, Chris Perfetti, and Charles Socarides.

With unexplained chronic pain and the fate of his reeling family on his shoulders, Joseph Douaihy's health, sanity, and insurance premium are on the line. "Sons of the Prophet" is a compelling, sophisticated, and humorous play about how we deal with pain that just won't heal whether that be physical or emotional.

Jonathan Louis Dent, Chris Perfetti, Santino Fontana, Yusef Bulos, Photo Credit: Joan MarcusSantino Fontana and Charles Socarides, Photo Credit: Joan MarcusFrom the moments the lights go up, the cast enticed me with their excellence! Joanna Gleason shined as "Gloria," "Joseph's" boss who threatens to cut off his health insurance if he doesn't help her get back on top of the publishing world. With her brilliant comedic timing, Joanna got the laugh everytime she walked on stage! Santino Fontana was very well cast as "Joseph," who's trying to keep himself and his family going, despite much chronic pain. Santino did a terrific job switching between his dramatic moments, tender moments, and funny moments. Along with Joanna Gleason, Santino lead this cast triumphantly! In his New York debut, Chris Perfetti, scored big as "Charles," "Joseph's" brother who's trying to deal with everything that's happening in his own life as well as his famiy's. Chris had strong stage presence which complimented his many hilarious moments in the show. Charles Socarides was quite enjoyable as reporter "Timothy" with his charismatic charm and delightfully charming acting skills. Yusef Bulos, Jonathan Louis Dent, Dee Nelson, and Lizbeth Mackay all did a wonderful job!

Joanna Gleason, Photo Credit: Joan MarcusStephen Karam is a fast rising playwright who's work should continue to be published and performed! The cast has done his words justice as they brought this play to life, and a very enjoyable life at that. "Sons of the Prophet" plays through the newly extended date of January 1, 2012 at the Laura Pels Theatre in NYC (111 West 46th Street, between 6th & 7th Avenue). Click here for tickets!

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