Josh A. Davis, Christian Leadley, Janine DiVita, and Eddie Korbich in "Odyssey: The Epic Musical", Photo Credit: Sue Coflin/Max PhotosOn Sunday, October 23, 2011, I attended the Off-Broadway opening of Matt Britten and Dimitri Landrian's world premiere musical "Odyssey: The Epic Musical" at ATA in NYC. Based on the classic poem by Homer, "Odyssey: The Epic Musical" follows Odysseus’ epic journey home after the Trojan War. This production is part of The Araca Project's developmental showcase and selection series, so what I saw on Sunday, might not be what is seen in a future run.

With a cast of 28, "Odyssey" is certainly an epic I would watch again! The cast performed very well together and each cast member had their moment to stand-out, but there were a few who really shined for me.

Josh A Davis and Janine DiVita in"Odyssey: The Epic Musical", Photo Credit: Sue Coflin/Max PhotosEmma Zaks and Eddie Korbich in "Odyssey: The Epic Musical", Photo Credit: Sue Coflin/Max PhotosJosh A. Davis was a good choice for "Odysseus." He does have that leading man status with good looks, strong acting skills, and vocals. He did a great job leading the cast! Josh really stood out with "Heartstrings," "The Price of Freedom," and "We Danced." Janine Divita was quite delightful as "Penelope." With the voice of an angel, Janine shined on "Heartstrings" (with Josh), "Passing in the Night" (along with Emma), and "Behind Every Great Man." Emma Zaks was wonderfully cast as "Athena." With strong acting skills, especially her comedy, and a powerful voice, Emma embodied her godess. Emma knows when to sing quietly, but also knows when to let loose and show off her big belting skills, which were delightfully adored by the audience. In addition to "Passing in the Night," Emma soared on "A Change of Heart" and "The Direction of Your Dreams." Eddie Korbich was well cast as "Poseidon," for his shining moments came with the use of his strong comedic acting style. Tramaine Montell Ford was perfect as "Hermes." He has a very strong stage presence and impeccable comedic timing. Tramaine really made his entrances and everytime he was on stage, the audience burst into laughter! Christian Leadly was great as "Prince Odysseus, Telemachus, and Lotus-Eater." His true shining moment came when he sang "A Fatherless Son." He had really nice form to his voice and I was happy to see he got a solo number. Jeff M. Smith also stood out as "Perimedes" and "Others." While his looks caught my eye, Jeff did show he has the talent to back it up and get noticed. Drew Moerlin also caught my attention as "Lotus-Eater," "Polyphemus," and "Others." While he didn't get a full solo song, it was nice to get to hear him sing a few solo lines and have a few solo acting moments up front. Kristine Petrucione and Kimmy Suzuki were terrific as "Aglaope" and "Thelxiepeia," respectively. These two talented aerialists were a true delight to watch!

"Odyssey: The Epic Musical" is a limited run through October 30. If you want to see a cast of talented young performers then I would suggest checking out "Odyessy: The Epic Musical" which plays at the American Theatre of Actors (314 West 54th Street, between 8th & 9th Avenue) in NYC through October 30! Click here for tickets!

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