On Saturday, October 1, 2011 I attended "The Kid Who Would Be Pope" as part of the New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF). This fun show is great for kids and adults because it's a show about hope, love, and following your dreams until you reach them!

The cast is primarily comprised of child actors under the age of 13 and what an extraordinarily talented group of kids. Each one was able to hold their own, though Kyle Brenn and Rachel Resheff should be applauded for leading this cast! They are so young, yet so talented! Kyle was most recently seen in the Broadway revival of "West Side Story" as "Kiddo" and Rachel was most recently in the Broadway show "The People In The Picture" as "Jenny." At such a young age, their voices are already strong as is their acting. I can't wait to see how they continue to grow. Another strong performance was given by Leah Greenhaus, who I recently got to interview. On Broadway, Leah was most recently seen in "Shrek" as "Young Fiona." Leah too has a strong voice for such a young performer. Of the adults in the show, I really enjoyed Jillian Louis as "Sister Katherine" who's beautiful voice was welcomed each time she sang.

Who knows where this show will go next, but judging by the sold-out crowd, let's hope it goes somewhere because I think there is something here for everyone, especially kids. Having a show with the majority of the cast being kids themselves, that right there, will show other kids that their dreams of being an actor can come true if they work at it. It will allow a chlid to say "Hey, I'm like them, so maybe that could be me up there."

With just a few performances left (Mon October 3 at 5pm, Tues October 4 at 5pm, Fri October 7 at 9pm), "The Kid Who Would Be Pope" plays at The Theater at St. Clements in NYC (423 West 46th Street). Click here for tickets!

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