On Friday, September 30, I attended UNSUNGMUSICALSCO.INC's, "Gatsby: The Songs In Concert" as part of the 2011 New York Muscial Theatre Festival (NYMF). Inspired by the novel "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald, "Gatsby: The Songs In Concert" features the original jazz-infused score from the Broadway-bound show from 1969 (this show never materialized on Broadway).

UNSUNGMUSICALSCO.INC gathered a terrific cast for this concert: Matt Cavenaugh, Jenny Powers, Autumn Hurlbert, Megan Sikora, and Max Von Essen. Together their voices blended wonderfully together and separately each performer shined! Matt delighted the sold-out crowd on with his rich voice and suave moves on "Other People's Money" and "See You Tomorrow." Jenny's last name is Powers for a reason, her powerful vocals which dazzled on "Sooner or Later," "Bad News," and "Wish Me." Autumn's wowed the audience when she sang "Haven't We Met Before," "Watch Your Step," (along with Megan) and "Somewhere There's A Tea Party" (which was a great duet she sang with Matt). One of my favorite parts of hearing Autumn sing, aside from her belting, is when she deliberately laughs during a song (which the song called for) because it's so infectuious to everyone around her. Megan commanded the stage as she captivated the audience with "Myrtle's Parade!" Max's spotlight came on "Daisy," "Wish Me," and "Remember" (along with Jenny and Matt).

What I loved most about this concert was that the music made me think of "Thoroughly Modern Millie" a lot because "Millie" also took place in the 20s as does "Gatsby." I don't know what the future plans are for this show, but let's hope it makes another appearance with this great cast in tact!

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