Book Review: Leslie Jordan's "My Trip Down The Pink Carpet"

Humorous, touching, and most of all inspiring is how I would describe Leslie Jordan's book "My Trip Down The Pink Carpet." Everyone can learn and take something from "My Trip Down The Pink Carpet." From losing his father at age 11 to struggling to accept his homosexuality to battling drug and alcohol addiction, Leslie Jordan has LIVED and more importantly HE SURVIVED IT ALL!  In Leslie's own captivating style, he takes readers on his personal journey from growing up in Chattanooga, Tennesse to the day he stepped off the Greyhound bus in Los Angeles, California with $1200 sewn into his underpants.

While many of these stories were featured in Leslie's one man show "My Trip Down The Pink Carpet," there are a handful that were not. Some of them are laugh out loud hilarious, like the one about his friend Jane's "Aunt Matt" and her gacious explosions trying to catch runaway chickens on bus while others are more sentimental like the chapters where Leslie talks about his time volunteering for Project Nightlight, an organization that made sure no AIDS patient died alone and some are just entertaining from meeting Luke Perry to working with Robert Downey Jr.

Leslie Jordan has one of the biggest hearts out there. Whether Leslie is recalling a humorous or struggling time in his life, Leslie is spreading love, hope, and laughter throughout! So if you are looking for a book that will make you laugh, cry, and above all, appreciate life, then "My Trip Down The Pink Carpet" is the book for you!

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