"My Trip Down The Pink Carpet"

There are many performers out there. Some of them never make it, while others gain recognition as quickly as it fades away and you are left to wonder what happened to them. Then there are those who truly make a career out of performing. One of those performers is Emmy Award winner & fellow "Adaumbelle's Quest" participant Leslie Jordan who has been entertaining people for over 20 years. After attending tonight's performance of Leslie Jordan's "My Trip Down The Pink Carpet," it is evident why Leslie Jordan is one of those performers who have truly made a career out of entertaining. Energetic, engaging, and relatable are just a few of those reasons. Leslie makes you feel as though you are two friends catching up on lost time as he takes you through his life's journey. From his early days in Tennessee to his Emmy Winning performance on "Will & Grace" to conquering drug & alcohol addiction and finally coming to terms with his homosexuality, Leslie talks of the good times, the hard times, and the homophobia he encountered using uses his wit, humor, and strong story telling skills. Leslie is one of the few gay performers from the first generation of gay men who can pass on his knowledge and wisdom to the next generation, something he didn't have. So take yourself down the pink carpet to the Midtown Theatre on 46th street in NYC and enjoy an evening of laughter, life, and most of all love! Click here for tickets...


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