Review: Benny Marchant "Conversations Missed"

Benny Marchant just released his debut EP "Conversations Missed." His folk-rock style is reminiscent of many musicians before him, but Benny's style is clearly all his own.

His songs are heartfelt, emotional, and delightfully enjoyable to listen to. When you are looking for that song to help you through life, Benny Marchant's music is going to be there to help you!

"Conversations Missed" is about the ending of a relationship, looking back on what went wrong, the unexpected moments we think of that past relationship and dreaming about the conversations never had, all the while learning how to find a way to move on.

"Cold Weather" tells the tale about the last night of a relationship and the good feelings of not being alone, when in the morning the "Cold Weather" reality will sink in.

"Been To Long" brings to life the struggles and hardships of a relationship and how sometimes people stay in the relationship longer than they should have and the moment they realize it's time to go their separate ways.

"A Better Way" is a song of hope. It's a song about getting over the heartache of losing love, maybe hoping to get back together, but eventually knowing that one day you will find "a better way to live."

If you are looking for a new artist, who should be around for a while with songs to identify with then I suggest picking up Benny Marchant's debut EP "Conversations Missed" and catching him on tour!

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