"The Divine Sister"

Amy Rutberg, Alison Fraser, Charles Busch, Jonathan Walker, Jennifer Van Dyck, Julie HalstonTonight I saw comedic genius at it's best in a splendid Off-Broadway show called "The Divine Sister." The show is a true ensemble piece featuring fellow "Adaumbelle's Quest" participants Charles Busch (who also wrote the show), Julie Halston, Alison Fraser, along with Jennifer Van Dyck, Jonathan Walker, and Amy Rutberg.

St. Veronica's is in shambles and "Mother Superior" must find a way to build a new school for her Pittsburgh convent. Paying homage to such Hollywood films as "The Song of Bernadette," "The Bells of St. Mary's," "The Singing Nun," "The Sound of Music," and Broadway's Tony Award Winning play "Doubt," the laughter ensues moment after moment!

Whether it's a look, tone inflection, or impersonation/imitation, these performers know the meaning of comedic timing, stage presence, and most of all performance! Everyone has their moment to shine and the chemistry between this cast is stupendous, playing off of each other exquisitely.

I saw this show in development last year at Theater for a New City and let me tell you as golden as it was last year, it's now a real piece of heaven not to be missed!

"The Divine Sister" plays at the SoHo Playhouse at 15 Vandam Street in NYC!

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