Hockadoo..."Memphis" is a fantastical fresh new Broadway musical that entices you from the start! A musical that shines it's light brightly on Chad Kimball who plays "Huey," Montego Glover who plays "Felicia," Cass Morgan who plays "Mamma," & Derrick Baskin who plays "Gator." David Bryan (keyboardist & founding member of Bon Jovi) wrote the lyrics and music to some stand-out songs: "The Music of My Soul," "Colored Woman," "Someday," "Say a Prayer," "Love Will Stand When All Else Falls," "Change Don't Come Easy," "Memphis Lives in Me," & "Steal Your Rock 'n' Roll."

Inspired by actual events, "Memphis" tells the story of "Huey" a young white radio disc jockey who shakes things up in an already shaken up time, by playing African-American music on his radio show and teaming up with "Felicia", the African-American girl he's been listening to for years. This ignites not only the Golden Era of early rock-n-roll, but a powerful story about love, passion, and breaking down walls. If you're looking for a fresh new musical, this is the one to see, so get out your dancing shoes, find your soul, and get to the Shubert Theatre on 44th Street in NYC and go see "Memphis!" Click here for tickets!

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