Abingdon Theatre "Marathon '33" Benefit

I attended the Abingdon Theatre's fundraiser "Marathon '33" this past Monday, October 19. The Abingdon Theatre Company is an Off-Broadway non-profit theatre company dedicated to developing and producing plays by American Playwrights exclusively. "Marathon '33" is a play written by the real June Havoc about her many years in Marathon Dance competitions, which she got into after running away from the vaudeville circuit her mother Rose forced her to perform in as a child.

As a special treat to the evening, many of the actresses that played "Baby & Dainty June" were in attendance to watch a special abbreviated performance of "Marathon '33" which featured some of the original costumes from the Broadway production.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Lane Bradbury, the original "Baby & Dainty June" in Broadway's "Gypsy" which starred Ethel Merman as "Rose" and Leigh Ann Larkin who played "Dainty June" in the 2008 revival of "Gypsy" starring Patti Lupone as "Rose" (Leigh Ann's interview will be posted at a future date).

Check out everything Abingdon Theatre has to offer, like their current hit show "Inventing Avi" starring Alix Korey.

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