Conference Call: Human Nature - "Jukebox Tour" 2018 at BB Kings NYC + Las Vegas Residency
Human Nature

Human Nature

The music of the '50s and '60s has never gone out of style. It has leant to some of the greatest songs in our lifetime. So many artists have reinterpreted this genre it amazes me how each singer has made these songs their own. One more group putting their spin on these tunes is Australia's multi-platinum pop group Human Nature. These guys are amazingly talented! With over 29 years in the business, racking up over 2.5 million album sales, 27 platinum awards, scoring 17 Top 40 hits, five Top Ten tracks worldwide, & two residencies in Vegas, Human Nature is bringing their talents back to NYC with a stop on their 2018 Jukebox Tour!

Come to BB Kings in Times Square on Tuesday, March 6 at 8pm to see Toby Allen, Phil Burton, and brothers Andrew and Michael Tierney sing and dance their way through the hits of the '50s and '60s along with several original tunes! This concert is sure to be one you don't want to miss!

Human Nature's 2018 Jukebox Tour at BB Kings (237 West 42nd Street, between 7th & 8th Avenue) this Tuesday, March 6 at 8pm (doors open at 6pm). Click here tickets!

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1. Who or what inspired each of you to become a singer?

Andrew Tierney: I’d have to say my Mum inspired me to be a singer. There was always music in our house growing up and singing was as natural for us as conversation. I love we had that musical exposure and nothing was ever forced - only encouraged.

2. You formed Human Nature when you all were in high school. How did this come to be? Why did you decide to call yourselves Human Nature?

Phil Burton: We formed at the end of 1989. There was a regional school concert at the Bankstown Town Hall, and the word was put out for acts to audition. Andrew had the idea to put together a doo-wop group to sing "Earth Angel" (he was inspired by the movies Back To The Future and Peggy Sue Got Married). Initially we thought we would just perform once, but we enjoyed it so much and we kept getting asked to perform at other events. so we kept going!

As for the name - we were originally called “The 4 Trax” but when we signed a record deal in 1995 we felt the name didn’t really suit us anymore. We each came up with a list of possible new names - it was Mike who suggested “Human Nature” - it just sounded good at first but then we realized it suits what we do, as for us it’s just “human nature” to sing and perform.

Human Nature Live

Human Nature Live

3. You have been together as Human Nature for 29 years. Only a handful of groups enjoy a success like yours. What do you feel is your secret to staying together and not wanting to go out on your own for individual success?

Phil Burton: One of the things that has kept us together so long is the fact that we started the group as four mates having fun - there was no audition process and no thought of anything to do with business. That initial bond has stayed with us even now that it is our job - the enjoyment factor is still the most important reason to be together. Of course there have been a few forays into individual projects over the years, but each one has been done with the full blessing of the rest, and there has never been any thoughts about these things halting the group - it is always priority number one.

4. On March 6, you are coming to the famed BB Kings in NYC. What are you looking forward to most about performing in this great city?

Mike Tierney: New York City has always been one of our favorite cities in the world. There’s always such a great energy and so much amazing entertainment on Broadway. We’re super excited to be playing BB Kings which is right in the heart of it all. We’re hoping to bring our Jukebox party to the Big Apple and give everyone a great night out of singing & dancing to some awesome music.

5. How will this show differ from your Vegas residency?

Toby Allen: We played B.B. Kings a few years ago and are looking forward to bringing our latest show Jukebox there. We will actually be changing up our Vegas show a little to fit the vibe of B.B. Kings. We are keen to get up close with the audience and involve them in the show as much as possible. We will also be giving them a taste of some of our original hits from Australia - something that people might not currently see in Vegas. There will still be the great mix of hits from the past 60 years that should have everyone up and vibing with us.

6. One song you cover on your album Jukebox: The Ultimate Playlist is "At Last." What is something that has happened in your career that made you go, "At last, this finally happened for us?”

Phil Burton: I don’t know if any of us have ever thought “At last - we’ve made it!”, as there is always something else to try and achieve, but there have definitely been a few moments where it felt like we had done something special. One would have to be when we performed the Australian national anthem at the opening ceremony of the 2000 Olympics. There was an audience of over a billion people watching, and it felt great to know the organizers saw us as something they wanted to present to the world as a great representation of Australian talent. A huge moment!

7. On Gimme Some Lovin': Jukebox Volume II, you perform your original song "Forgive Me Now." Who is someone you'd like to forgive?

Andrew Tierney: That’s a very deep question...but in my heart I hope to be able to forgive anyone...I certainly need it so I pray I can afford it to everyone else too. I definitely want to forgive the kids who laughed and picked on us at school for a being an ‘uncool’ vocal group ... they were all just jealous :))

8. On your 1996 album Telling Everybody you recorded "Wishes." What is something you still wish to happen to you that hasn't yet?

Toby Allen: Well, every year there is this little event called the Super Bowl. 😉 We are suckers for a big spectacle show and I’m sure there would be nothing like performing at half time. We have been known (particularly in Australia) to try and “up” the production value of our shows. If anyone knows someone that can book us for the Super Bowl send them our way 👍🏻😂

9. In 2000, you released your album Human Nature which contained "Angel of Your Heart." Who do you consider to be the "Angel of Your Heart”?

Mike Tierney: The “Angel Of My Heart“ would definitely be my daughter Isabel, she’s 7 and such a beautiful soul.

10. Lastly, you recorded "Viva Las Vegas" on your 2010 album Vegas: Songs From Sin City. Now that you are on your second residency in Vegas, what is one activity or show you feel everyone must do when visiting Vegas?

Mike Tierney: I think still one of the greatest highlights in Vegas are the Bellagio fountains, there’s a great bar in the Eiffel Tower Restaurant of Paris casino across the road. Perfect spot to sit have a drink and take in the beautiful dancing fountains. Also walking round the canals of The Venetian is always fun and you can catch the Human Nature show while you are there.

Human Nature

Human Nature

More on Human Nature:

Human Nature are one of Australia’s greatest musical success stories and exports. The foursome which features brothers Andrew and Michael Tierney together with high school friends Toby Allen and Phil Burton have sold more than 2.5 million albums, earned 27 platinum awards, 18 top 40 hits and five top 10 hits worldwide. They have performed sell out shows around the globe since they signed with Sony Music Australia over two decades ago, a partnership that continues today. Since arriving in Las Vegas in 2009 to commence an unprecedented residency for an Australian act, the pop-vocal group has garnered international critical acclaim and chalked up over 1600 performances. The group is a resident act at the prestigious The Venetian Las Vegas, where they recently launched their new show JUKEBOX. JUKEBOX follows the highly successful Smokey Robinson presents HUMAN NATURE: The Motown Show which clocked up over 1200 performances over a six year period. JUKEBOX, the album, is a collection of ‘50s and ‘60s pop standards and will be released in North America later this year. The group’s thirteenth album Gimme Some Lovin JUKEBOX Vol II debuted at the coveted #1 position on the national ARIA Albums Chart in Australia in July 2016 and spawned a national arena tour in February 2017 selling over 40,000 tickets. Both JUKEBOX albums are platinum selling hit albums. Highlights in Human Nature’s career to date include performing to a global audience at Sydney 2000, opening for Michael Jackson and Celine Dion at concerts around the world and, appearing on television in the USA on shows including The Talk, The Chew, Oprah and Dancing With The Stars, as well as their own PBS Special: Human Nature Sings Motown.

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