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Call Redialed: In our NEW video interview, "Call Me Adam" catches up with Sheri Sanders, the pioneer trailblazer who started "Rock The Audition," where Sheri teaches how to audition for rock musicals. After dipping her toe back into performing two years ago, Sheri is taking the stage once again, this time at Subculture NYC to perform a concert of legit musical theatre "Sheri style!" On April 17 at 8pm, Sheri will present Sheri Sanders is LEGIT! An Evening of Legit Musical Theatre!"
Call Redialed: Sheri is a trailblazer! She was the first person to create a program on how to teach people to audition for rock musicals, with her book/class "Rock The Audition." Sheri has built on the success of "Rock The Audition" & created "Rock The Audition Online," an on-line training hub for all things popular music as it relates to musical theatre. Now that "Rock The Audition Online" is global, millions of people will benefit from Sheri's brilliance!
"Call Me Adam" once again chats with Sheri Sanders, the mastermind behind the revolutionary rock musical theatre audition technique, Rock The Audition. This time around we discussed her upcoming not-to-be-missed concert experience at the American Theatre for Actors in NYC from September 25-October 2.