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Call Redialed: In 2011, Andrew Goffman, Charles Messina, and I sat down for an exciting interview about "The Accidental Pervert." Four years later, Andrew and I got hard once again about this hilarious and heartfelt show. "The Accidental Pervert" tells the story of a boy’s journey into manhood after discovering his dad’s X-rated video tapes hidden in a bedroom closet. "The Accidental Pervert" is a show about youth, growing up, and becoming mature. "The Accidental Pervert," continues to play at The Thirteenth Street Repertory Company every Friday and Saturday at 7pm!
Lie back and get comfortable as "Call Me Adam" chats with Robin Byrd about hosting her iconic TV show "The Robin Byrd Show" on Time Warner Cable, bringing her TV show to the stage at NYC's Cutting Room, the adult film industry, adoption, and other details of her life and career!