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Call Answered: My first introduction to Billy Lewis Jr. was watching him on Fox's "Glee." When I heard he was going to be starring in the Off-Broadway spectacle "The Portal" I immediately dialed his number & lucky for me, Billy answered my call! "The Portal" is a rock odyssey: part concert, part movie, and part performance. "The Portal" not only entertains but also immerses the audience in a journey of transcendence & empowerment. "The Portal" is currently playing at Minetta Lane Theatre in NYC!
Call Answered: Call Answered: I love that Company XIV produce shows that are geared towards a more adult audience with a combination of performance styles. When I found out Company XIV was doing a production of "Snow White," based upon the Brothers Grimm version, I grabbed my poisonous apple and ran into the forest to chat with "Snow White" herself, Hilly Bodin! What lies below is one of the most raw and heartfelt interviews I've done. Company XIV's "Snow White" runs thru March 12 at Minetta Lane Theatre in NYC!