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Call Redialed: Once again Marina Tempelsman & Nicco Aeed have answered my call! Their haunting comedy "Unpacking: A Ghost Story Told In The Dark" is returning to the stage. In an unconventional staging, the audience lends a hand by lighting the stage for a couple that is literally, & figuratively, feeling their way through the dark. In "Unpacking," a happy couple moves into their new home, but the novelty of homeownership quickly fades. "Unpacking" plays HERE 7/26-8/13!
Call Answered: This past February I was introduced to Marina Tempelsman & Nicco Aeed when they started their six-month residency at THE PIT. Now, one of their shows, "Room 4" has been expanded to a full length show and given an extended run. I'm so excited to have had the chance to speak with half the cast of "Room 4" to get their perspective on this important, funny, and informative show! "Room 4" will play NYC's The PIT through October 7!
When Marina Tempelsman and Nicco Aeed announced they were doing a six-month residency at The PIT (The People's Improv Theater) creating a different play each month, I knew I had to call them to find out more. Luckily, Marina and Nicco answered my call and filled me in on this great project! With Marina and Nicco's unique brand of humor, "Unpacking: A Ghost Story Told In The Dark," playing at The PIT from Feb. 21-26, takes place in the dark with the audience lighting the stage with flashlights, focuses on fears of the dark, commitment, and ghosts of past relationships!