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Call Redialed: In the two months since my last interview with Broadway & "Orange is the New Black's" Annie Golden, she has had her plate full! So much so, that in a reversal of roles, she called and I answered! Annie wanted to catch up on all that she has going on from her upcoming concert at Joe's Pub (8/25 at 7pm) to singing at Feinstein's/54 Below "Inner City" concert (8/17 at 7pm & 9:30pm) to a new film. Annie gives me the low down on everything!
Call Answered: From pastrami lox to surprising her fans, I am so thrilled to have taken a trip into Sandyland with the one and only Sandra Berhard. I'm honored to have the opportunity to interview Sandra about her annual New Year's shows at Joe's Pub, plus her illustrious career including her time on "Roseanne." Sandra will be presenting "Sandra Monica Blvd: Coast to Coast" from 12/26-12/31 at Joe's Pub NYC!
Call Answered: I can't believe it's been two years since I've gotten a chance to talk with belter & bad decision expert, Tori Scott. I always love interviewing Tori because I know my jaw will drop from astonishment and laughter. We have re-connected to talk about her brand-new show "Seeing Double," a celebration of poor life choices mixed with a hint of lingering regret & too much tequila. "Seeing Double" plays Joe's Pub Sunday, 11/13 9:30pm!
Call Answered: I have been a fan of Michael Longoria's since I saw him in the Tony Award winning musical "Jersey Boys." When I heard Michael was releasing his debut album, "Broadway Brick By Brick," I had to talk to him. Michael was more than happy to take me through each layer of brick as well as the cement that holds "Broadway Brick By Brick" together. "Broadway Brick By Brick" is available now while the album release celebration continues with Michael's return to Joe's Pub on Sunday, 9/18 at 7pm!
Call Answered: David Bowie was an icon on so many levels! Everyone has a story as to what David Bowie meant to them. Sven Ratzke, transgressive European Entertainer Extraordinaire, is no exception to people who have been inspired by David Bowie. In fact, Sven is presenting the New York premiere of his internationally acclaimed show "Starman" at Joe's Pub from May 23-26! Inspired by the iconic musician and songwriter David Bowie, "Starman" is a one-man rock musical with unique characters and bold reinventions of glam rock classics!
Call Redialed: It's great getting to catch up with Latin singer and Venezuelan theatre star Migguel Anggelo as we discuss his new show "Another Son of Venezuela," directed by OBIE award winner David Drake, which explores the very personal immigration themes of love, loss, family, and national pride as well as the challenges of claiming an authentic identity in the "land of the free." Migguel's immigration journey is quite fascinating. "Another Son of Venezuela" will play Joe's Pub on Tuesday, December 1 at 7pm!