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Call Answered: I thought I knew every theatre award there was, but I've just been introduced to one more, "Producer of the Year," given out by Broadway Global, founded in 2009 by Richard Cameron & Ron Hutchins. Broadway Global honors investors in live stage works who inspire, teach respect of cultures, embrace diversity, & educate on issues in our now global society. The 2016 "Producer of Year" award went to, Cathy Rigby & Tom McCoy, the first couple and first female winner all in one!
Call Answered: Working at the American Repertory Theater (ART) was one of my career highlights! For it was there I got my start in theatre, met Stockard Channing and Felicity Huffman and worked with some of the greatest people! Whenever I come across someone who studied or worked there, I feel a small connection to them. When Penny Landau of MayaPR suggested I talk to Monika Gossmann, director of the new play STRIPPED, I knew I had to reveal the bare bones of this show's creation. STRIPPED is a familiar yet strikingly modern and achingly realistic story of a relationship between a man and a woman navigating love in their early thirties. This is not going to be your average love story. STRIPPED plays at The Tank Theater through September 20!