Call Redialed: NEW Craig Ramsay Interview: "He's Fit" on YouTube and OutTV in Canada

Last year I got to interview actor and fitness expert Craig Ramsay when he was starring in ACT of CT’s production of Mamma Mia. Since that interview, I have gotten to know Craig better. So when he called again to talk about his new project, I simply had to answer the phone.

Craig is hosting a new series on OutTV Canada and YouTube called He’s Fit, produced by “Hey Qween TV.” Each week Craig shares his knowledge of fitness with the viewer, but he gets to have some hilarious and flirtatious fun with some of the sexiest guys from social media and the LGBTQ+ community.

With cheeky segments such as “SEXercise” and “Thirst Trap,” Craig highlights different aspects of his guests’ fitness and physique while delving deeper into their individual struggles and triumphs on their wellness journey.

When it came to casting the guests, diversity was of the utmost importance to Craig. It was essential the guests on He’s Fit be of varying backgrounds because hotness knows no color, culture or gender identity. On He’s Fit we are showcasing the sexiness of our diverse community. From twink to bear to trans. He’s Fit celebrates it all!

New episodes of He’s Fit release every Monday on YouTube and OutTV in Canada on Thursdays.

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Craig Ramsay on “He’s Fit”, Photo Credit: HNS Imagery

Craig Ramsay on “He’s Fit”, Photo Credit: HNS Imagery

1. It has been a little over a year since we have talked. Last time we discussed you starring in ACT of CT's Mamma Mia. What has been happening with you in this past year? LOTS! Word got out of my Mamma Mia return thanks to you & other media outlets and I was offered the opportunity of a lifetime to return to the professional Ballet world where it all started for me - “The Royal Winnipeg Ballet of Canada.” I performed the role of “Lord Capulet” in their famed Romeo & Juliet Ballet.

2. One of your latest ventures is a new series on OutTV called He's Fit, where you share your knowledge of fitness to create the hottest men’s fitness themed series. What makes this show different from your other fitness series? This is the first time in my fitness career where I am hosting a fitness themed show focused on and for the LGBTQ community.

I’m grateful to “Hey Qween TV” for giving me this opportunity to address through humor some of the unique exercise and health obstacles we as LGBTQ go through. Especially our challenges with body confidence. We ALL deserve to feel sexy, fit and healthy…even while the world is unhealthy and struggling.

3. How long did it take you to create it - from idea to air date? It’s “Hey Qween TV’s” Jonny McGovern’s creation, he is not only an Executive Producer, he is the director as well. It started off as a digital online show hosted by Greg McKeon years back, now it’s a half hour TV series in it’s second season where I am the host and a contributing producer.

The show can be currently seen on YouTube and on “OutTV” in Canada airing Thursday evening I believe. Season 2 had a lot of producer love from Jonny, me and funny man/comedian/writer Teddy Margas. This season we added both ridiculousness and real talk diving deep into the guests and their lives in and out of the gym.

4. What was the best part of filming this show? Best part was having the opportunity to showcase the diversity of our community and having discussions such as body confidence that we can all relate to regardless of where we are with our physique and fitness journey.

5. What were some challenges you faced? The show definitely has this playful “Tongue in Cheek” sexually exploiting humor. At first glance people mistake it as porn and immediately go to a place of judgement and stereotype. It is the exact opposite of what the intent of the show is.

I host this to empower others in our community to love their bodies and enjoy the fitness journey they are on. This is not a “Fans Only” show. These guests, like me, are not only taking off a lot of clothes, they are being vulnerable about who they are and sharing how they have overcome the obstacles that we all have faced as LGBTQ+ people.

6. The guests on He's Fit are some of the sexiest guys from social media and the LGBTQ+ community. Who are some of them? We have an impressive lineup of guests this season! I’m proud of each guest for stepping out of their comfort zone in one way or another and revealing so much of themselves but with skin and honesty. They were all FUN!

Here is a teaser of some of the guest lineup:

Paulo Batista (Transgender FTM Bodybuilder): lnstagram: @ftmmuscle

JC Mounduix (CBS’s Big Brother): Instagram: @jcmounduix

Freddie Rosser “Darren Young” WWE Champion: Instagram: @realfredrosser

Hunter Harden (InstaBear Model): Instagram: @hunterharden

7. Any fun outtakes you can share with us? Instagram Tattooed star Tank Joey kept losing his short shorts throughout the whole filming day which was footage we couldn’t obviously use for television and I’m sure most of viewers would find that FUN. Perhaps viewers can beg and request such footage to released via a “Hey Qween” fans only page? lol

8. What are the top three fitness mistakes most people make?

  1. They either think or workout like it’s armageddon and your life depends on hitting your max athletic potential for the whole workout and with every workout.

  2. When you think you are always hungry chances are you are dehydrated instead.

  3. I find people forget or don’t know, that you can develop more strength and stamina and muscle development with not only doing sets of exercises in parallel but also with slight turnout and turn in. This goes for not just squats and leg extensions, but also for bicep curls and numerous other exercises.

Craig Ramsay on “He’s Fit”, Photo Credit: HNS Imagery

Craig Ramsay on “He’s Fit”, Photo Credit: HNS Imagery

9. Who do you feel are the top five celebrities with the best exercise routine? Most celebrities alter their workout programs to achieve their physique necessities for the characters they are portraying or for other entertainment industry purposes so it’s difficult to promote new with the best exercise routines. That said, I can share what I appreciate about the celebrities I have worked with and what the exercise routines that work well for them.

  1. Ariana Madix (Vanderpump Rules) Most people don’t know that she has a dancer and theatre background and her workout routines are incredibly impressive because we combine her dance and body flexibility in with her workouts making them a cirque show in the gym. It’s fun for her and an impressive show for the gym.

  2. Cheyenne Jackson (Actor) The strength and determination that Cheyenne has in the gym is very impressive. He’s able to tap into the incredible obstacles he has overcome in life in the gym to motive and drive his workouts with strength. I encourage others to do this with their workouts.

  3. Mercedes Javid (Shahs of Sunset), Find workouts through activities that motive you and make you feel good. For her, this looks like a Runyon Canyon Hike, a Stretch Session with a glass of wine (My Stretch a Reason to Wine Classes), a refreshing swim, a dance class. She knows if she isn’t finding some joy in it, the workout won’t happen.

  4. Naomi Grossman (American Horror Story) she has the routined exercise program of any celebrity I know and have worked with…Yoga every single day, without fail. Yoga is not just a great workout but there are many benefits of the community support most yoga studios and classes provide.

  5. Lawrence Zarian (TV’s Fashion Guy) Lawrence is a busy in-demand TV Fashion expert and host. What I admire about his workouts is that he understands it’s not all or nothing. If he’s late for a workout or has to modify what that workout is going to be he does that. He knows 20 mins is better than nothing and if he can squeeze a sweat sesh in he will. I find a lot of people get fixated on the whole hour long workout routine and for some that’s just not feasible and that’s ok.

10. Rapid Fire Questions:

  • Favorite food you must have on a dessert island? Spaghetti without garlic cause even a desert island doesn’t need to witness what happens to be when garlic gets into my system.

  • Favorite body part on a guy? Honestly, his heart.

  • Boxers or Briefs? Neither 😉

  • Favorite go to Emoji when texting? Must have something to do with the love of fitness and Theatre, but more times than not, I use the muscle arm and Theatre Emoji of tragedy and comedy.

Craig Ramsay on “He’s Fit”, Photo Credit: HNS Imagery

Craig Ramsay on “He’s Fit”, Photo Credit: HNS Imagery

More on Craig:

Craig Ramsay is a well known Bravolebrity who Sharon Osbourne calls “brilliant¨” and hottie Colin Farrel calls a “genius.” He has trained the stars of such hit shows as American Horror Story, 13 Reasons Why, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Insatiable, Orange Is The New Black, Real Housewives, Shahs of Sunset, and Vanderpump Rules.

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