Conference Call: The Golden Gays NYC: "HOT FLASHBACKS! A GOLDEN GIRLS REVUE" at The Laurie Beechman Theatre

Conference Call: The Golden Gays NYC: "HOT FLASHBACKS! A GOLDEN GIRLS REVUE" at The Laurie Beechman Theatre

Getting to chat with The Golden Gays NYC was a gay guy’s dream come true! It was like being in an episode of The Golden Girls while being part of something original.

After a sold-out holiday tour, The Golden Gays NYC are returning to NYC with their Off-Broadway hit from Summer 2018: HOT FLASHBACKS! A GOLDEN GIRLS REVUE. This revue incorporates musical numbers, live snippets of the show, trivia, and comedy. This is not a staged episode but rather the girls JUMPING FROM YOUR 13” TV screen to the stage.

Picture it: New York City, 2019.  In a series of hilarious hot flashbacks, “Dorothy,” “Blanche” and “Rose” find themselves singing and dancing their way through The Golden Girls' most iconic moments; all the while in search for their next #TokenSophia. Will it be you?!

The Golden Girls + Drag Queens = The Golden Gays NYC! - it’s your favorite pals for the NEXT generation.

The Golden Gays NYC HOT FLASHBACKS! A GOLDEN GIRLS REVUE will play The Laurie Beechman Theatre (407 West 42nd Street, between 9th & 10th Avenue, in the basement of the West Bank Cafe) on Friday, February 1 at 7pm. Click here for tickets!

The Golden Gays NYC will continue to play other dates throughout the year as their Beechman Residency continues, including a very special NYC Pride Show on June 27 .

Outside of NYC, The Golden Gays NYC will be giving their midas touch at the following venues:

  • The Asbury Hotel (Asbury Park, NJ) - February 10 at 12pm - Click here for tickets

  • Black Friar’s Theatre (Rochester, NY) - March 1 & 2 at 8pm - Tickets on sale soon

  • Franky Bradley’s (Philadelphia, PA) - April 26 at 8pm - Click here for tickets

For more on The Golden Gays NYC visit and follow them on Facebook and Instagram!

Left to Right: Jason B. Schmidt (Dorothy), Andy Crosten (Blanche), Gerry Mastrolia (Rose)

Left to Right: Jason B. Schmidt (Dorothy), Andy Crosten (Blanche), Gerry Mastrolia (Rose)

1. On the heels of your sold-out ThankYuleTour, this February the Golden Gays NYC are returning to The Laurie Beechman Theatre as well as Asbury Park with Hot Flashbacks, a Golden Girls Revue (with Trivia!). What are you looking forward to most about this return?

Jason B. Schmidt (Dorothy): It’s always nice to “come home.” We created The Golden Gays NYC at the Rue la Rue Cafe (sad face) in 2017, so we are still the new grannies on the block. In less than two years though, things have amplified because of our New York base and musical theatre roots. What we really want to do with touring is to reach a wider fanbase that then builds what we do in NYC. We hone the jokes and act while we’re out and about and we bring all of that back to New York (and NJ). This is 21st Century Vaudeville (with a harken to 1985).

Andy Crosten (Blanche): NYC is where we started and will always be our home base! After a super fun and crazy 2018, I can't wait to see where 2019 takes us. The future is already looking pretty bright.

Gerry Mastrolia (Rose): I’m looking forward to a fresh new year, filled with peace, love and lots of CHEESECAKE! The bookings are coming in, therefore I am already in Character!

2. What do you love most about performing this show?

Jason B. Schmidt (Dorothy): I love the opportunity to interact with people in a character that they know and love. Reading them and then giving them what I think they think she might do. That’s insane and amazing. It has taken me a long time to get to this point, but the times when we are off the rails and off the script are the most exciting for me. And also, when the other two look at me and I know they are thinking, “oh, she’s doing it THIS WAY today…”

Andy Crosten (Blanche): Collaborating with Jason and Gerry. They always keep me on my toes. We perform for each other as much as we perform for the audience. If we're all laughing, we know we're doing it right!

Gerry Mastrolia (Rose): The Golden Girls is like a religion to some people, and the audience really believes that they’re friends with and that they know these women (and they do!). It feels great for us, as actors and entertainers, to that bring that and connect with people.

3. What are some fun stories or mishaps that have happened when performing The Golden Gays NYC?

Andy Crosten (Blanche): When you perform at so many different venues, you don't always have time (or people!) to rehearse the technical elements. On the first night of our #ThankYuleTour in Cumberland, MD, we performed the opening number and our microphones weren't on. We finished the number and I (Andy) stopped the show and asked to start again, this time with mics!

Gerry Mastrolia (Rose): We could be here all day! Between the occasional flubs and various Carol Burnett Show moments like holding in laughs, microphone issues, a slightly wasted #TokenSophia(s) onstage...I remember one time during our "Hot Flashbacks" Musical, we recreate the "Rose" stunt double scene from the sitcom. We do it tastefully, of course, with a blonde sex doll. One show, the doll deflated. I thought I had chucked it offstage, but alas she winded up not very far. Lifeless. After the song, "Dorothy" aka Jason was about to exit when she spots the limp doll and takes her, as "Dorothy" exits to her bedroom. Boom. If that ain’t a pip, I don’t know what is!

Jason B. Schmidt (Dorothy): Cisely Saldana (amazing producing sister of Zoe) and her grandmother came to the show. She posted a photo of Grandma Saldana as #TokenSophia on Instagram and Zoe called it out! Am I an influencer now?

Left to Right: Gerry Mastrolia (Rose), Jason B. Schmidt (Dorothy), and Andy Crosten (Blanche)

Left to Right: Gerry Mastrolia (Rose), Jason B. Schmidt (Dorothy), and Andy Crosten (Blanche)

4. These next few questions are for Jason.

In this show, you play "Dorothy." What do you relate to most about "Dorothy"?

Jason B. Schmidt (Dorothy): Tell it like it is. The one in the know. A tad over-dramatic and over-enunciated. Tall, deep voiced, wonders what it’s like to be the “pretty” one. Fiercely loyal. A stern, Mother Goose (turkey). A ball-buster. I could sit in a pause for laughs ALL DAY. There are layers of laughs that one can get if one just WAITS.

5. What is one characteristic of “Dorothy’s” you are glad you yourself don't possess?

Jason B. Schmidt (Dorothy): I definitely had a "Stanley." It was my longest relationship and after it ended, (the first two times), I found myself precariously back in his company many more times, despite what I thought was a true desire not to do that. I’m happy to say that I have found my "Lucas Hollingsworth," and have not been back in the company of my "Stanley" since.

6. We initially met when you were starring in Beatrice Arthur Astral Dame, and I know you also starred in Thank You for Being a Friend, the musical. For people who saw those shows, How does The Golden Gays NYC differ?

Jason B. Schmidt (Dorothy): Well, they all come from the same universe. An homage to yesteryear, a celebration of iconic women. Ours is like Pitch Perfect meets That Big Gay Sketch Show meets Dynasty meets Anything Goes. We’ve found a way to interweave songs to heighten the kitchen table stories that we’re so used to. Yes, "Rose" is going to give you St. Olaf, but she’s gonna do it in a song. Yes, "Blanche" needs a new man, but she’ll be shimmying while she woos him. Yes "Dorothy" needs to lay down the truth, but cue the music Maestro…D flat is good for me.

7. You have taken The Golden Gays NYC around the country. What has the response been like in other states as compared to NYC?

Andy Crosten (Blanche): In New York, talented performers and drag queens are everywhere. Whereas, in some of the cities we've been to - people have very little exposure (if any) to the art of drag. It's been wonderful seeing the audience reactions - and people of ALL ages, young, old, children, fathers, mothers, GRANDmothers. They're eating up what we're serving!

Top Left to Bottom Right: Jason B. Schmidt (Dorothy), Andy Crosten (Blanche), and Gerry Mastrolia (Rose)

Top Left to Bottom Right: Jason B. Schmidt (Dorothy), Andy Crosten (Blanche), and Gerry Mastrolia (Rose)

8. This question is for Andy. How do you feel your portrayal of "Blanche" has changed/grown since performing in The Golden Gays NYC?

Andy Crosten (Blanche): Well, my makeup skills have definitely improved, that's for sure. As for the character, I feel more connected to "Blanche" the more I play her. Sure, we all know her for her sex appeal and confidence. But she was also a very loyal and compassionate person as well. I love finding out those layers and adding more dimension to my portrayal.

9. This question is for Gerry. If "Rose" went on a date with Gerry, how do you think the date would go?

Gerry Mastrolia (Rose): Can you imagine such a thing?! "Rose" and I are very different. I’m a city boy and have no idea how I would make do on the farm. I’d probably do a “Rose” thing and put on an all Chicken production of Flower Drum Song. Let’s see where the first date takes us, then we’ll see. I don’t know if I could take ALL those St. Olaf stories. Cue "Miles!"

10. What would The Girls commentary be about the state of today's world? How do you think she would suggest we make it better?

Andy Crosten (Blanche): I'm sure there would be an episode about Donald Trump - The girls would get invited to some charity dinner at one of his hotels. He'd come over to their table, ask how their steak was. He'd hit on "Blanche" and "Sophia" would tell him to go "Fuck Off."

Gerry Mastrolia (Rose): I think "Rose" would definitely be upset about how we are treating each other, as humans. We all want love, peace and acceptance. "Rose" has the spirit and fun-living energy of a child, that we sometimes forget in day to day life. We have an amazing world, let’s lead with positivity and kindness. She may even through a few silly farm stories in there for you!

Jason B. Schmidt (Dorothy): "Dorothy" would be speaking at the Women’s March. She would be attending rallies of all kinds. She would be out there on the front lines and she’d also be writing op-eds. “People want to be heard and seen (even you, Individual 1), so let’s all remind ourselves of THAT before we have a conversation, tweet something, or pick up a rock to hurl at the other side. Language is what we have, and it can be a weapon or it can be a unifying tool. MR. GORBACHEV, TEAR DOWN THAT WALL!”

More on Jason:

Jason Bea Schmidt, The Dorothy, lives “down the shore” in Neptune, NJ with his husband and poodle. He’s an actor, Bea Arthur impersonator, voice over talent and member of the hilarious drag trio, The Golden Gays NYC! His Golden Girls journey began with Thank You for Being a Friend, The Musical, spurning his one “woman” show Beatrice Arthur: Astral Dame, spurning The Golden Gays NYC. What’s next? Golden Girls: Infinity Wars?! He has worked alongside drag legends Joey Arias, Sherry Vine, Flotilla DeBarge and Lady Bunny in his extensive Off-Broadway, Cabaret and Comedy Club credits. Gloria Swanson, Frank N Furter, a German Transvestite Assassin named Friedrich, you get the idea...

More on Andy:

Andy CrostenThe Blanche. Andy's creative endeavors combine his love of theatre, art, and fashion. Growing up in Western Maryland, his joy for performing was evident at a young age where he participated in numerous theatrical productions; most notably as “Huckleberry Finn” in the musical Big River. He studied Music Theatre at Shenandoah Conservatory, graduating Cum Laude, appearing in musicals, plays, operas, and the professional summer stock theatre - SSMT. Following college, he worked in regional theatre (touring with the National Theatre for Children and two summers at Hershey Park) before continuing to New York City. He’s played the 13th St Reperatory Theatre, The New Theatre at 45th St, as well as Off-Broadway with The Golden Gays NYC. Andy has also created his own solo shows including Andy, Darling, Let’s Chat and Make America Gay Again. For two years, he also worked with the legendary Patricia Field, learning about the fashion industry and design. He creates his own unique chain jewelry (for sale on Etsy!) and even sometimes writes music (for sale on iTunes!). Andy has also appeared as an extra in television shows such as: Difficult People, Law & Order, and Broad City, while his favorite stage performance to date has been the titular role in Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Instagram- @newyorkskye

More on Gerry:

Gerry Mastrolia, The Rose, hails from North Jersey, where he began entertaining at the age of 3 with Three Stooges routines in his living room. At age 9, Gerry was introduced to Musical Theatre and he began working professionally in New York at 18 and was seen on CBS’s The Couch & E! News for his work in the Off-Broadway show, Totally Tubular Time Machine, starring Deborah Gibson. He then created and starred in his debut solo cabaret show, Me, Myself & Goldie and Very Gerry, that played famous clubs like Don’t Tell Mama, Metropolitan Room and Paul Colby’s The Bitter End. He’s co-founded Four’s a Crowd Productions on Vimeo and The Golden Gays NYC, a drag Parody tribute to TV's The Golden Girls.  @verygerrynyc

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