Call Redialed: Seth Rudetsky: "Seth’s Broadway Diary, Volume 3"

Seth RudetskyIt's always great catching up with Seth Rudetsky! His Broadway stories are always so engaging & enjoyable. It's no wonder, he just released his latest book, Seth's Broadway Diary, Volume 3 from Dress Circle Publishing. Filled with the juicy tales of working with such Broadway luminaries as Patti LuPone, Andrea Martin, Andrea McArdle, Gavin Creel and so many more, Seth's Broadway Diary, Volume 3 is a can't put it down romp on-stage, back-stage, and everywhere in between!

If you think Seth's book are loaded with goodies, wait until you see what he revealed direct from the orchestra pit!

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1. You just released your latest book Seth's Broadway Diary, Volume 3. What was the first story you knew had to be in this book? When I got to play an entire concert with Patti LuPone! It was such a thrilling experience. Every time I’d heard her sing from Evita, it was always "Don't Cry For Me, Argentina." I was much much much more obsessed with "Buenos Aires" and "Rainbow High." These are songs I listened to all the time as a kid and I never got to see her play the role. I thought I’d never hear her sing them live. I tentatively asked her to sing them in our show…and she said YES…and in the SAME KEY!!! Plus she gave me so many amazing stories about Evita, and Les Miz and Anything Goes, etc. There is so much Patti scoop in this book and I love it!

2. Which story were you on the fence about including, but ultimately you felt it would help complete this volume? Well, I actually did cut it. During the years that all my interviews and shows take place in this book, my doggie got sick. I documented it while it was happening but it was too depressing to put in the book.

Patti LuPone and Seth Rudetsky3. As you go back through these columns, what would be one or two that made you pinch yourself and think, "I can't believe, me, Seth Rudetsky, from North Woodmere, Long Island, got to do this" (that as a kid you only dreamed about)? Well, definitely, the entire Patti LuPone experience. I never even met her until I was 29 and all I got to say was an awkward "I love you!" And the next thing I know I'm making her belt half the Evita score. Then things like working with Andrea McArdle. Anyone who grew up loving Broadway in the '70s was obsessed with her voice. She was the Broadway star we all wanted to be.

4. Since your columns are called Onstage & Backstage, what is something that happens on stage that causes chaos backstage during a show? One of the things I continue to get in trouble for is when I’m writing a show: often times I’ll tell an actor a new line I thought of and tell them to add it to that performance. I always forget that everything is mic’d nowadays and when an actor has a new line or cuts a line, it completely screws up the sound people. Half the time my so-called amazing new line is said and no one hears it because the actor’s mic is off!

5. It seems like everyone you work with becomes a friend of yours. Whose friendship were you most surprised by? Definitely Andrea Martin. I watched SCTV religiously as a teen. My friends and I would memorize her sketches, especially her feminist musical with Catherine O’Hara called "I’m Taking My Own Head, Screwing it on right, and No Guy’s Gonna Tell Me That it Ain’t!" Suddenly, I'm an adult and she's on my window frame in my apartment scrubbing my windows because they're "filthy" and redecorating my apartment. And by "redecorating," I mean taking objects and literally throwing them out because they don’t match her aesthetic. Sadly for me, she's always right.

Seth Rudetsky, Photo Credit: Jay Brady6. I have a new segment to my interviews called "I Can See Clearly Now," where I try to clear-up misconceptions about people. What do you feel is the biggest misconception out there about yourself that you would like to clear-up once and for all? I think people always think I'm incredibly busy. I, myself,  think people who have actual 9 to 5 jobs are incredibly busy! I can make my own hours, I can go to the gym, I can take breaks whenever I want, I get to travel to super fun places. To me, busy is having to wake up and get ready for work, work 8 hours, travel home, make dinner for family. I'm very impressed that those kind of people have time for fun, gym, and creativity.

7. Since you have interviewed so many people over the years yourself, what is one question I didn't ask you that you wish I had (please provide the answer to said question)?

Q: Who are your favorite authors?

A: I read all the time and love so many writers! Please read these people because they are amazing: Elin Hildenbrand, Stephen McCauley, Phillip Pullman, William Goldman, Curtis Sittenfeld, Sarah Waters. Thank you!

8. Has anyone ever rejected an interview request from you? If so, who? Lots of people! Celebrities get so many requests for interviews and sometimes they're just too busy. Also, I only like to to do them live, face-to-face. People sometimes want to do them over the phone and I think that sounds so awkward on the radio because I can't tell when person is about to talk, stop talking etc. I hate it and I always say no if that's all they're available for. So I guess the answer is, I have rejected interviews from people!

Seth Rudetsky, Photo Credit: Lauren KennedyMore on Seth:

Seth Rudetsky has worked as the music director and/or pianist for some of Broadway’s biggest stars: Audra McDonald, Andrea Martin, Gavin Creel, Kristin Chenoweth, Idina Menzel, Patti LuPone, Christine Ebersole, Jessie Mueller and many more. He spent years as a pianist on Broadway playing such shows as Les Miserables, The Producers and Ragtime and currently divides his time between being the afternoon deejay on the Sirius XM Broadway channel/host of Seth Speaks as well as touring North America doing his show Deconstructing Broadway. His novels, My Awesome/Awful Popularity Plan, and the sequel The Rise and Fall of a Theater Geek are available on the Random House label and his Broadway musical Disaster!, which was a New York Times "Critics Pick," is licensed by MTI.

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