Melissa ErricoI simply adore Melissa Errico! I'm thrilled she answered my call yet again as her show Funny! I'm A Woman with Children returns to Feinstein's/54 Below after a triumphant sold-out first run! It was great catching up with Melissa as we delved deeper into the creation of this show, motherhood, marriage, and balancing family life with a demanding career.

Funny! I'm A Woman with Children returns to Feinstein's/54 Below (254 West 54th Street, between Broadway & 8th Avenue) on September 20-21 & 23-24. Click here for tickets!

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1. This September, you are returning to Feinstein's/54 Below with your show Funny! I'm A Woman with Children. You just premiered this show in April, what made you want to do it again so quickly? Well, it sold out and they invited me back. The show feels good to do and is an exciting sing, so if it's good for me and fun for you, why not do it?

2. For someone who came to the initial run of Funny! I'm A Woman with Children, why should they come back? What is one reason someone who has not seen this show come see it? To see what I rent from Rent the Runway OF COURSE. No seriously, I have special guests this time, a new last third of the show AND I never remember what stories I told so I'll undoubtedly be telling new tales with a new energy. I'm in such a different place since last spring. Every six months, I have a new personality. My kids grow an INCH overnight, why shouldn't I?

Director Robbie Rozelle and Melissa Errico3. Once again, you are teaming up with Robbie Rozelle as your director. You have worked with Robbie for a while now. What do you love about working with him? What is one funny moment that happened between you and Robbie during the formation of this show or during rehearsals? I like working with him because he helps me sing songs that he knows the AUDIENCE really want to hear from me. I love jazz, I love heady film theme songs, I love deep Sondheim; but Robbie sometimes says "Lets sing this song everyone loves" or "let's stretch you and sing some hard cool new tune by Tom Kitt or Jason Robert Brown." Robbie keeps me in tune with all the great new shows & new songs.

Funny? Hmmm. He's always funny. He says when I don't remember my lyrics, he starts taping on his iPhone for Instagram. The minute I sense a camera is rolling, he says something clicks in and my memory is perfect. My game face goes on!

Melissa Errico at Feinstein's/54 Below4. In our last interview about this show, we talked about some of the more fun times as a mother and what your secret was to a successful marriage. Since this show talks about the ins and outs of motherhood/marriage, let's go in the opposite direction and talk about the outs. What is the most challenging part about being a mother and being a wife? Um, having kids and a husband. Nuff said? Ok, add that there are only 24 hrs in one day. That's rough.

5. Every time we talk, you always have so much going on! How do you balance motherhood, marriage, and work? How do make sure you give your family the time they need when you have so much going on with your career? I sacrifice sleep. I eat anything that's fast to find. I text. I'm as organized (domestically, the dull stuff like dentist appointments and school forms) as the military. The kids come first in every way imaginable. Sleep comes last. I aim to not say that, I know that's not a long term plan.

6. Since the first part of the show's name is Funny, what is the funniest thing to have happened to you during a show of yours? I was so tired recently I forgot which arm I was using and I went to drink my microphone instead of my water glass.

Melissa Errico Family7. If you were asked to write a song called "Funny! I'm A Woman with Children," what points would you want to make sure got written into the song? Mommy knows that the best way to love you is to work on mommy. To forgive herself. To grow. To not be too hard on herself. To laugh at how we cannot control life, and to expect chaos. If you expect chaos, you cannot be too tense. And life gets vibrant and full of surprises you allow. Let your socks be mismatched. Not matching is way better style.

8. As a mother yourself, what traits of your mom do you see in your own mothering skills that have made you stop and say, "Oh my gosh, I'm becoming my mother"? She enjoyed a party.

9. Of the lessons you've taught your children, which ones do you hope they impart on their children, should they have kids of their own? That learning takes time. Every day is progress. You can't become good at anything overnight.

10. In our first interview together, we talked about our favorite Long Island hangouts as children. Now, as a grown-up, what are your favorite Long Island hangouts? I'm more East now, if I go to the island--I love the Hamptons. I even like Sunset Beach even if it's a little "euro" now, lots of Ibiza energy. My kids went to the bathroom there recently during dinner and came back after a long time. They said "sorry mom, it took so long because a guy and girl were in the bathroom TOGETHER for a while."

Melissa ErricoMore on Melissa:

Melissa Errico, Tony Award nominee, has starred on Broadway, on network Television and Film and is an accomplished recording artist and musical concert performer. This year she was seen as the character "June" on Showtime's acclaimed new drama Billions starring Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti. Last season, Melissa played the recurring role of "Catherine" on the Stephen Soderbergh show The Knick for Cinemax, and had guest arcs on Blue Bloods and The Good Wife. Her Broadway credits include starring roles in My Fair Lady, Dracula, White Christmas, High Society, Les Misérables, Anna Karenina and Amour for which she was nominated for a Best Actress Tony Award. She starred in Stephen Sondheim's Passion and Sunday in the Park with George. She has released three studio albums: Blue Like That (EMI Records) produced by Arif Mardin, Legrand Affair (Ghostlight) produced by Phil Ramone, and Lullabies & Wildflowers (VMG/Universal Records) produced by Rob Mathes; and a recent 3-song digital single More Lullabies & Wildflowers to benefit her charity. Through everything, she stays devoted to her loving family including her husband, tennis player Patrick McEnroe, their three young daughters, and one Yorkie!

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