Angeline Rose TroyI first interviewed Angeline Rose Troy in 2012 around the time her Lifetime movies were premiering. Now we get to catch up, switch gears, and talk about her starring turn in the 2016 Science Fiction One-Act Play Festival which will be taking place from May 5-29 at ACME Theatre Hollywood (135 N. La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90036). Angeline will be starring in Nathan Wellman's Love Life Alpha, part of ONE-ACTS PROGRAM B on May 12, 13, 14, 15, 22, 26, 27, 28. Click here for tickets!

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1. Angeline, it's so great to catch up with you! We last spoke in 2012 right around the time your Lifetime movies were premiering. Now, we are getting to talk about your theatrical endeavors as part of the 3rd annual L.A.-based Science Fiction One-Act Play Festival. You have been involved with this festival for all three years so far. What initially made you want to be part of this festival and what makes you keep coming back to it? David Dean Bottrell, who is an incredibly talented actor/teacher/producer, contacted me and told me about his idea to produce, along with his co-producers Lee Costello and Michael Blaha, the very first Science Fiction play festival. Nothing like this had ever been done in Los Angeles (& possibly ANYWHERE); they worked tirelessly to make their vision a reality. And it worked! Last year we were sold out for every performance and even extended our run! Scifest consists of original and published one act plays by authors such as Clive Barker, Ray Bradbury, Janis Ian, Neil Gaiman, who flew in from the East Coast to attend last year's festival to see Michael Bernard's adaptation of his The Case of Four and Twenty Blackbirds, and loved it! There has been so much audience support for SciFest from the very beginning, not only because the original short plays that are put up on stage are exciting and hold their own next to renowned playwrights' work, but also because so many of the actors in these plays are from everyone's favorite Sci-Fi TV shows and films! Getting to see your favorite actors up close and personal is a pretty special experience!

Angeline Rose Troy2. What do you love about the SciFi genre? I love that there are no limits as to what can happen in the science fiction realm. It's also such a diverse genre: SciFi horror, comedy, romance, but with all the twists and turns. The really interesting thing is how technologically advanced our society is becoming with new inventions in the news every day and increasing commonplace use of things such as drones, 3D printers, Amazon's Alexa, smart homes and even self driving cars. All inventions that are very useful but also a bit terrifying when we realize how much of our life we can now outsource and how much we have come to depend on things such as Siri. These inventions that, even 10 years ago, belonged only in the scifi world are now in our lives on an every day basis.

I think science fiction can teach us many things, including what may be in our not so distant future and can happen when we depend so heavily on technology.

3. You are going to be starring in Nathan Wellman's Love Life Alpha. What do you identify most with about your character? "Tina" is a woman who has suffered a life altering loss and blames the one entity she is unable to escape or gain revenge. She in basically trapped in her own life with the all seeing, all knowing "Alpha" constantly "watching over" and "guiding" not only "Tina" and her husband, but the entire world. Society completely trusts and adheres to what "Alpha" dictates, leaving "Tina" alone in her struggles, depressed and desperate, with no one in her life to believe what she knows to be true; that "Alpha" is a force of evil. Everyone can identify with and understand, at some time or another, what it is like to be the only person to believe something that people close to you cannot see. Knowing you are being manipulated is one of the most frustrating feelings a human can experience, and in the play, my character falls into a deep depression, experiencing a total lack of control over her life.

Angeline Rose Troy4. Love Life Alpha is about a young couple who are finding it hard to mend their damaged relationship under the constant, watchful eyes & ears of Alpha. When was there a time in your life when you needed to mend a damaged relationship and how did the repair go? Well, in Love Life Alpha it's proving impossible to mend the relationship, since "Tina" now despises "Alpha" because of it's control over her husband who, along with the majority of the population, is completely steadfast in his loyalty to "Alpha." When half of a couple transfers their loyalty to another person, or to a religion or cult, the couple's bond is broken. No one is perfect. Most of us have experienced a damaged relationship at some time in our lives. Often, a damaged relationship is not meant to be fixed and in that case it's important to be able to accept the fact and move on. On the other hand, when you value a relationship enough, you will work and sacrifice to mend it.

5. You've worked in both film and theatre throughout your career. During our previous interview, we talked about your love of film, so now, well talk about your love of the stage. What do you get from stage acting that you don't get from film work? Theatre is definitely a different kind of experience because once you're out on stage with your fellow actors, the responsibility is now on all of you as a cast. Your director has spent weeks working with the cast, fine-tuning everyone's performance to where he or she wants it and then that's it. You go out there on that stage and there is no turning back; no director calling "cut," no reaction shots or close-ups. Each actor on stage needs to be fully emotionally present for the duration, all the while aware that you may never give the exact performance twice, nor get the same reaction from your audience. And that is at once all glorious and nerve wracking and invigorating.

Angeline Rose Troy6. In our last interview, you mentioned that one thing you've learned about yourself from being a performer was that you're capable of taking greater risks and becoming stronger than you imagined. So, what are some risks that you've taken since? I've definitely tried to push the limits with what my "type" typically is. For example, in CineDopes, my character, "Elizabeth," is a gothy badass felon with a bad attitude from the wrong side of the tracks, working at a rundown movie theater. This role was outside of the box for me which made it challenging and fun. I've also been reading scripts and producing projects that I believe in; some stories out there are so captivating and need to be told, but don't have a studio or major financing behind them. Working together with other passionate producers and finding a way to bring them to life is very fulfilling.

7. On "Call Me Adam" now I have a section called One Percent Better, where through my own fitness commitment, I try to encourage people to improve their own life by one percent everyday. What is something in your life that you want to improve by one percent every day? Definitely just allowing myself to live in the moment. With all of our lives being so busy, I often find myself thinking about the next thing I have to do and not always able to fully enjoy every moment with others. I make an effort to keep my cell put away when I am with friends and family or in meetings but it is a work in progress for me. I don't want to lose precious moments in my life because I'm worrying about my emails piling up.

Angeline Rose Troy8. Out of all the interviews you've done, what is something you never get asked (and what is your answer to that question)? University or life experience or both, which do you feel prepares you better for life?

I think you need a healthy combo of both. An individual may be book smart, but to be able to convincingly express one's ideas is a definite asset. Those who do not attend traditional University, but have an insatiable hunger for knowledge, seek out learning experiences through travel, reading, and working on projects that afford them invaluable experiences. However, young men and women are expected to have attained a Bachelor's Degree in at least one field of study, and increasingly, a Master's Degree in one or more fields, no matter what road they follow. Certainly, the shared foundation that a student experiences in a college setting can be beneficial in helping one to become a well rounded individual. Learning to apply your knowledge is what makes life so interesting, and for instance, though I majored in Fine Arts in school, I knew nothing about producing until I simply jumped in and began doing it. Obvious gaps in knowledge can be filled through books and mentors. But sometimes the best education is just "doing it!"

9. Between Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which one do you have the most fun posting too? Which is the most challenging? How do you feel social media has changed the way you get your projects out there? I do all my own social media and sometimes it feels like a lot to try and keep up with. I often have different things I post on each to avoid repetition for people following me on all platforms.

I love Instagram (@AngelineRTroy) because I am constantly taking pictures. I have 38,000 photos on my iPhone. No, seriously, it's a problem, but I do really enjoy sharing shots of the people in my life, days on set, products I love, sunsets, and yes, I photograph my food when it's beautifully presented and often my attempts at cooking which are not so beautiful.

Twitter (@AngelineRTroy) is great for communicating back and forth with people and I'm pretty good with responding to everyone. It's also cool to read and respond to everyone's comments in real time about a film I'm in while its airing on TV.

I must admit, I do love Snapchat (Angeline1215) and recently made mine public. It's fun to show people bits of my day, videos of my new puppy, promote something I'm in or have produced, or funny things that are happening all in real time without inundating everyone's Instagram or Facebook (Angeline Rose Troy) feed with too many posts. It's a more "real" look at life for me.

10. What's next for Angeline-Rose Troy? A film I'm a co-executive producer on, Brahman Naman, premiered at Sundance and was purchased there by Netflix. That film will be coming out in the next few months. And one of my newest films I'm in, along with Michael Ironside and Steven Michael Quezada, called Element is premiering at the USA Film Festival!

Angeline Rose TroyMore on Angeline Rose:

Angeline Rose Troy signed with Elite Models in Memphis at age 1 1/2, and by age 7 with Ford Children in NYC, and then Ford Teens. Angeline joined Suzuki String Institute at Memphis State at age 2 1/2 and was a first-place competitive ice-skater for the next 10 years; on stage by five, followed by years of musical theatre Off-Broadway, and in her first film at 6 in Miami (Mr. Nanny with Hulk Hogan).

Angeline Rose Troy graduated summa cum laude from Fairleigh Dickinson University. In 2010, she formed Cassiopeia Productions, producing award winning shorts and features. Check out Angeline Rose Troy executive producing & starring as "Elizabeth" in the hilarious web series, CineDopes - Season 1 is available now on, with Season 2 currently in preproduction.

Angeline Rose was absolutely overjoyed to be on-stage again last year playing to packed houses in the World Premiere of Neil Gaiman's hilarious play, The Case of Four and Twenty Blackbirds as part of The 2nd Annual LA SciFest 2015. Angeline Rose starred in a triple role as the "Femme Fetale," "Bo Peep," and the "Queen of Hearts."

On Lifetime TV and Lifetime Movie Network, check out Angeline Rose in prolific director Richard Gabai's films, The Good Mother, Imaginary Friend, and Who Killed Allison Parks, all currently in rotation on both channels. 180 and InSight are both available on VOD, iTunes and DVD.

Cassiopeia Productions' first feature, Ever Last, written & directed by Chris Dimoulas, stars Angeline Rose Troy and Sean T. McGraff and is available on DVD. Also check out Angeline Rose in Cassiopeia's short film Desert Games, directed by Viktor Ukmar, and multi-Award-winning Horror short, Jägerbär.

Angeline Rose can also be seen in Courteney Cox's feature film directorial debut Just Before I Go as "Nancy", the young mom of Seann William Scott's character. She also stars in the BET original feature, My Favorite Five, a fun romantic comedy also starring Rochelle Aytes, Brian White, and DeRay Davis. Now on Netflix.

Angeline Rose had a great time working with David Blue, Madison McLaughin, Julie McNiven and Greg Duke, in Forwarding Address, a new Scifi Thriller play at the First LA SciFest 2014 of Original One-Act Science Fiction Plays, directed by Warehouse 13 Showrunner Jack Kenny in Los Angeles.

Angeline Rose, ("Abigail Landers") worked with Isaiah Washington and Lisa Arrindale Anderson in writer/director/producer Paul Hannah's super-exciting supernatural thriller, Sin Seer, which premiered in NYC at ABFF and for which her co-star won best actor.

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