Call Answered: Jodi Mattinson: A Madam's Heaven and Hell
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"Call Me Adam" chats with Companions Escorts founder Jodi Mattinson, Utah's biggest escort agency, about her new documentary Jodi Mattinson: A Madam's Heaven and Hell.

A Madam's Heaven and Hell chronicles Jodi's life from her Mormon upbringing to living on the streets of Utah, where she ended-up homeless and the victim of domestic violence, to running Companions Escorts, the most successful escort agency in Utah, to the shocking final moments of freedom just days before she begins her Federal Penitentiary sentence for tax evasion. Click here to rent or buy!

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1. Your life story is the focus of the new documentary A Madam's Heaven and Hell, by P. Frank Williams. The documentary showcases your life from growing up Mormon to owning one of the most successful escort businesses in Utah, Companions Escorts, concluding just days before you went to prison for tax evasion. What made you want to make a documentary about your life? The story was actually brought to me by Kourtney Ragland who had seen me work before. He was really in to it. He took the story to Emmy Award winning producer P. Frank Williams who wanted to make the documentary and that's how it transpired.

2. What do you hope people come away with after watching the documentary? I want people to know more about the business and not be so judgmental about it. It’s not about a bunch of hookers and tramps robbing and taking husbands away. It’s women (and sometimes men) providing a service. It's decent people trying to get ahead, maybe some are in bad situations that they have no where else to go but use the only thing they did have. Like me who used her looks and her brain to get ahead out of their situation. It’s empowering and not a business to be frowned upon like everybody does.

Jodi Mattinson in "A Madam's Heaven and Hell"

Jodi Mattinson in "A Madam's Heaven and Hell"

3. You grew up in a Mormon family, left home, lived on the streets for a while, which then led to you starting in the business of escorting which led you to starting your own escort company. Why did you leave at such a young age? Basically my parents forced me to marry a gentleman when I was 18 because they wanted to wash their hands of me because they thought I was trouble, but really I wasn’t trouble, I just didn’t want to be a Mormon and have so many rules in my life. So I got married at a young age and he turned very violent and after a really violent episode I left him and went to a women’s shelter.

4. How did you get the courage to leave your abusive husband? I actually saw him shoot somebody and I felt he was going to kill me if I didn’t leave. It was a very violent situation. It was awful.

Me: I’m glad you got out of it. You're lucky you had the strength and courage to leave.

Jodi: Me too. A lot of women don’t and a lot put up with it for years.

Jodi Mattinson, Companions Escorts

Jodi Mattinson, Companions Escorts

5. When did you start working in the escort business and how did you get into it and then what made you want to take your experience to start your own company? I was young, about 18 or 19 and didn't have anything. I saw an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show with women that were working girls talk about how much they were making and since I had nothing, I thought, I could either wait three or four weeks for my first paycheck at a regular 9 to 5 job or make money right away. I couldn’t afford to wait three or four weeks at that time because I didn’t have shoes, no clothes, I had absolutely nothing. So I looked up escort services in the Yellow pages and went in for an interview and immediately started taking in money that day. What made me want to open my own business? Basically the gentleman I was doing phones for and running his office went out of business and I saw this as an opportunity to pickup where he left off and start my own company.

6. Coming from a Mormon background, what was the reaction of your family when you started Companion Escorts? At first, they didn’t realize what it was. My Dad thought it was a limo company to take people around. He had no clue. But once they got the gist of it, they were disappointed. Morally they don’t think it's correct. But their just judgmental and they don’t know, they don’t understand. They judged before they knew what was happening.

Now they are OK with it. We’re on good terms now. They’ve learned to accept who I am and what I am doing.

Jodi Mattinson in "A Madam's Heaven and Hell"

Jodi Mattinson in "A Madam's Heaven and Hell"

7. The documentary starts off a few hours before you go to prison. Throughout the documentary it shows you having to say goodbye to your children and having them go live with your sister. What was all of that like for you and what has it been like now, since being out of prison, to get your life back to where you were? Telling my children that I had to leave them for three years was the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life. I can’t even describe how hard that was especially with their father also going to prison. Can you imagine as a child saying to your parents "Goodbye, goodbye, see you in 3 years." There was nothing tougher. I don’t believe I’ll ever have to deal with anything as hard as that again, at least I hope not.

I was blessed to have my sister though. She was in a bad relationship at the time and needed to get away from her guy who was on heroin, so she took this as an opportunity to leave him and come to my house to be a full time mother while I was gone. It was perfect timing for everybody. Everything worked out.

As far as getting out of prison, it still a little hard because I can’t move around here. I still have services in Utah but I also have services in California and I travel a lot but I’m not able to travel right now because of my probation. My kids went to therapy, we’ve gone to family counseling, to try to get everything back on track and it has not been easy. There’s been a lot of resistance with them. But we're getting through it.

8. Do your children understand the business you are in? Did you ever have to have that talk with them? Did they ever wonder what you do? They know now that they are older. They're 9 and 13 years old and they see what’s going on and they see the escorts and me monitoring the offices. At the time I went to prison they didn’t know but now they know. I never want to lie to them or sugar coat anything. 

Jodi Mattinson

Jodi Mattinson

9. At one point in the documentary you mention that in addition to women, you sometimes hire gay people and transgendered people as well. What do you look for in an escort to work for you? Basically whatever is in demand, there’s somebody for everybody. Some guys like bigger girls, some guys like dark girls, there are different fetishes, different looks. I don’t discriminate when it comes to hiring an escort, but I make sure they are not on drugs and they get a health test and background check. They have to go through a thorough screening by the city. They definitely have to be attractive, clean, outgoing, friendly, and a people person. They have to be strong in the mind because they have to deal with so many personalities during their shift and entertain so many different people.

10. In the documentary, I also noticed that you screened the people who call for an escort. Have any of the escorts gotten into a situation that they thought they were going into one situation but when they got there it turned about to be something else and maybe they left? Yes that happens all the time. You screen the guys a certain amount, we can’t ever screen them 100% to know exactly who were sending them to. Everything is over the phone and we can verify as much as we can hope the escort is safe but there is always that chance that the guy might turn out to be some psycho and that has happened a couple of times. We had to have security go and kick in the door and go help the escort out.

Jodi Mattinson in "A Madam's Heaven and Hell"

Jodi Mattinson in "A Madam's Heaven and Hell"

11. What are some of the most popular activities your clients like to do with the escorts? What are some of the most outrageous activities you’ve been requested for? The most common requests are nude striptease, light rub down, teasing, cuddling, and caressing. A lot of our clients like a private date in his hotel or house. What happens behind closed doors I have no idea. We contract out the escorts for companionship, entertainment and company. We get a lot of requests for foot fetishes, golden showers, a lot of guys are into being submissive or dominant, and we have a lot of powerful businessmen who want the escorts bring a pair of lingerie for them to dress up in. Guys have a lot of weird fetishes. There’s one in my documentary where this guy had a diaper/baby fetish where he wanted the escort to change his diaper.

Me: Yeah and I like when you say oh you’re not looking to pay more than $150 for that, well we’re not interested.

Jodi: If an escort is going to do that, they should get a $500 tip.

Me: At least. For what he's asking them to do, definitely.

12. You’ve survived so much. Just watching everything you went through, what do you think gave you that drive and strength to survive and what kept you going during the rough times when you weren’t sure of where things were going? As a youngster, I witnessed a lot of abuse and that’s what makes me who I am today. It made me strong and it made me realize that I never want to be in that situation. I never want to have to depend upon a man. I never want to be that person or in that situation where I'm not able to support myself.

Me: That’s wonderful that you’re able to know that about yourself and do that. That’s terrific.

Jodi Mattinson

Jodi Mattinson

13. I learned a lot from the documentary. The whole escort industry is not something I’m personally familiar with, but I found it very fascinating and what you have gone through to be very interesting and inspiring.  What have you learned about yourself from everything that you have gone through? I learned that I’m strong, I can make something out of nothing. I can do whatever I want as long as I put my mind to it, think positively and manifest it into the future.


14. What some of the best advice you’ve ever received? Treat people how you want to be treated. Always do right and right will come to you. I definitely try to treat people how I want to be treated and with respect.

15. What’s next for you? What do you want to do that you haven’t done yet or is there something more you want to do with Companion Escorts? I’d like to expand into the South or East coast, as far as working. I'd also like to do a reality show. I think it would be amazing. The things that go on in each of my office each night is amazing. The girls are all real crazy and fun and I think that would be great.

16. If you could have any super power, which would you choose? To fly.

17. If you could create your own signature drink what would you call it and what ingredients would you put in it? I'm not sure what I would call it, but it would consist of champagne, something fruity and sweet.

Me: What about calling it "The Escort."

Jodi: That’s a good one.

18. How do you want to be remembered? I definitely want to be remembered as a positive person that  was able to uplift others when I could and that I was always there for the people who needed me.

Jodi Mattinson

Jodi Mattinson

More on Jodi:

Part of the adult industry for 18 years, Jodi finds joy in witnessing other women excel and become successful in life. When she’s not at work or busy being a single mom she enjoys doing charity work helping the less fortunate. Jodi is the president of Boss Ladies Productions.

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