Jackie BeatI first came to know Jackie Beat in 2012 after I attended her show Me So Thorny. Two years later, I finally got to interview this genius performer about her 2014 holiday show Jackie Beat on Ice. Now, just a year later, Jackie and I reunite to discuss her brand new holiday show White Meat or Dark? Jackie's unique brand of comedy is a laugh-a-minute and her singing voice is unreal! If you have never seen a Jackie Beat show, give yourself some holiday cheer this season and treat yourself to White Meat or Dark?

The Holidays…When one’s thoughts gravitate towards questions that Man has pondered since the dawn of time, such as "Why are we here?" "Is there really a God?" and, the most important of them all, "WHITE MEAT OR DARK?" Join Jackie as she marinates, roasts and cuts up everyone’s favorite season. Just like a Turducken, this show will be bursting with deliciousness: classic material stuffed into new songs, all crammed inside a man dressed like a lady. White Meat or Dark? will play The Laurie Beechman Theatre from December 18-20. December 18 & 19 are SOLD OUT, but there are 2 shows on December 20, 4pm and 11pm. (407 West 42nd Street, between 9th & 10th Avenue, inside the West Bank Cafe). Click here for tickets!

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Jackie Beat1. We did our first interview together for your Christmas show last year and now we are back talking about your new holiday show White Meat or Dark? Since it's been a year since we last spoke, What is something wonderful that happened? What is something that challenged you? Hmmm, let's see…The most wonderful thing, aside from the fact that all three of my precious dogs are healthy, would have to be the upcoming National Treasures Tour starring myself, Lady Bunny, Sherry Vine and Bianca Del Rio. That should be a hoot! And my biggest challenge was, is and always will be my weight. I went vegan this year and gained weight! My next show is going to be called Fat Vegan!

Jackie Beat2. Your new holiday show, White Meat or Dark? is premiering this December at The Laurie Beechman Theatre. For someone who has never seen a Jackie Beat show, what is one reason you would give them to come see this show (aside from the fact they've never seen you)? Everyone should see this show because, frankly, opportunities to see a FULL show of live singing and comedy are getting less and less. Sure, you can see some reality TV "star" move her lips to the latest Katy Perry song, but true show-ponies shamelessly serving up shamblam-free vaudeville is a rare treat!

3. What should excite your die hard fans about this new show (aside from the fact it's new)? Well, I'm excited about the new material which includes a song about spending Christmas with Bill Cosby back in 1993 -- spoiler alert: it didn't go so well -- and a little ditty about the Starbucks cup scandal.

Jackie Beat4. Since your new show is entitled, White Meat or Dark? which do you prefer? Honey, when you get to my age there is no such thing as a preference! If he's blind in one eye and very horny, send him over!

5. If you could spend the holidays with one "white meat" celebrity and one "dark meat" celebrity, who would you choose? I could just go full-on Lesbian and say Rachel Dolezal, right? But since I'm a filthy sodomite I would have to choose Paul Rudd and Drake.

6. According to press notes, in this show, you are going to marinate, roast and cut up everyone's favorite season. I'm going to take this one step further. Looking at your life, when are the moments you choose to marinate, roast, and cut up a situation? Well, as an artist it is my job to take something, pull it apart and put it back together in my own special way. So I would have to say that I always do that. But it especially comes in handy when someone or something is pissing you off. I can turn a horrible situation into a laugh riot quite easily.

Jackie Beat7. Out of the department stores in NYC, who's windows do you like the best? I live in Los Angeles so I guess I should say something delightfully touristy like Bloomingdales?

8. What's your Christmas wish for this year? Peace on fucking Earth! People, get your shit together. Stop blowing shit up and stop killing people. All you're really doing is announcing to the entire world, "I'm miserable!"

9. What's your favorite holiday food? I loves me some stuffing!

10. What is one holiday tradition you started doing as an adult? I do this real cute thing -- and I'd like to think I invented it -- where I eat way too much of all the wrong things and then essentially pass out on the couch while watching TV. Then I wake up and do it all over again. It's so fun! You should all try it this holiday season, trust me!

Jackie BeatMore on Jackie Beat:

It all started so innocently in 1998 with Jesus Christ, It’s Your Birthday!, a delightful non-denominational holiday tribute featuring such seasonal fare as "Sleigh Ride in Leather With You" and "Black Christmas." When the show was prominently featured in The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Right’s 1998 Report on Anti-Catholicism, an annual holiday tradition was born. Beat’s holiday shows, including How The Bitch Stole Christmas, Give ‘Til It Hurts, Blew Christmas, and Drag Nog have been performed at venues nationally.

Award-winning drag darling Jackie Beat has been wowing unsuspecting audiences since 1989. She has toured with Roseanne Barr -- as the comic legend’s opening act -- including a 7-week run at The New York New York in Las Vegas; written for TV (Fashion Police, Hello Ross with Ross Matthews, Hype! and The Sci Fi Channel’s Tripping The Rift) and collaborated on special material with the like of Roseanne, Rosie O’Donnell and Jennifer Coolidge; appeared in countless TV shows (Sex and the City), movies (Grief, Wigstock The Movie, Flawless, Adam & Steve) and Off-Broadway hits (Valley of the Dolls, Tell-Tale!). She has been named Best Drag Queen by New York Press and Best Live Performance by HX Magazine. Jackie is also a columnist, lead singer for the electro-rock band, "Dirty Sanchez," and the subject of the documentary film My Name is Jackie Beat including commentary from Joan Rivers, Margaret Cho, and Roseanne.

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