When I was growing up, there was no YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for artists to promote themselves. Music was discovered through the radio, American Bandstand, late night talk shows on TV, MTV videos, and later VH-1. It was events that got people's attention from video premieres on MTV or VH-1 to CD signings at record stores.

Today, the way to discover music is vastly different. Attesting to that is the way I discovered singer/songwriter Mathieu Blue. His Facebook posting promoting his upcoming concert at The Metropolitan Room in NYC on October 26 came into my Facebook feed. As I wrote to Mathieu, "You came up in my Facebook feed and to be quite honest, it was your good looks that made stop to look at why you were in my feed. So, I saw you were a singer and just finished listening to your EP Here. You are quite a talented singer/songwriter and I loved your EP so much, I just bought it on Amazon. I now also see you have concert coming up October 26 at The Metropolitan Room...." and proceeded to ask him to do an interview with me for "Call Me Adam."

Well much to my delight, Mathieu wrote back and agreed to do an interview. What I discovered through this interview, is what I thought after listening to his music, there is a really talented, insightful, and passionate guy behind those good looks! So, without further adieu, here is Mathieu Blue!

Come see Mathieu live at The Metropolitan Room in New York City (34 West 22nd Street, between 5th & 6th Avenue) this Monday, October 26 at 9:30pm as Mathieu sings a mix of his original music and favorite pop songs! Just from listening to his EP, I can already tell this show is going to rock! Click here for tickets!

For more on Mathieu be sure to visit http://www.mathieublue.com and follow him on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and SoundCloud!

Purchase Here through Amazon and Purchase Here through iTunes!

For more shows at The Metropolitan Room visit http://metropolitanroom.com and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!

Mathieu Blue singing, Photo Credit: Pat Corlin Photography1. You grew up in New Hampshire with dreams of living in NYC and being a singer/songwriter. You are doing that. How has the reality of your dream lived up to the fantasy? Hmm. It’s like going to your favorite ice cream shoppe in summertime, getting that sundae you dreamed about and built up in your mind all winter, you arrive at the stand, and they’re out of cherries. Lol. It tastes great to have my own songs out there now and to be performing live in truly the greatest city in the world. But of course the journey hasn't come without a couple of sour bites — though the sweetness surely outweighs anything else.

2. Some of the artists who have influenced you to become a singer/songwriter are Mariah Carey, Brian McKnight, Phil Collins, and Garth Brooks. If you could only do one of the following with each artist, who would you do the following with: record a duet, film a music video, open their tour, and write a song for? I’d definitely record the duet with Mariah, film a music video with Brian, write a song with Phil Collins & open Mr. Brooks' tour any day of the week!

Mathieu Blue with his "Here" EP3. You just released your debut EP Here. How long did it take you to make this EP? What was the hardest part about making Here and what has been the most rewarding part? One of my recent jokes when talking about my EP is how it feels like I was literally in labor for three years making the album, haha. Boy was it a journey — an emotional, physical, mental rollercoaster. I’d say the hardest part about it was the constant delays. Everything took so much longer than originally planned, be it from financial setbacks to relying on unreliable people. It was my first true taste of what the music world can be like. But despite any setbacks, reaching each mountaintop was the most rewarding part because I learned a ton from each and every valley. And it was so worth it. To have songs recorded and out in the world that originally only me, myself, and my keyboard heard is a feeling I can’t describe. A vulnerability I can’t describe. Someone stopping me somewhere and taking the time to tell me one of my songs touched them…there’s no greater feeling for me. Oh, and holding the actual, physical CD in my hands was something I’d dreamed of since I was a kid.

Mathieu Blue in the recording studio4. I am loving your EP Here. There is so much I can relate to, especially "Avalanche" about never giving up on your dreams. You just had one of your dreams come true with the release of Here. What are some other dreams you are hope to achieve? How do you stay positive and moving forward when you feel like you can't be the "Avalanche"? Well thank you, that means a lot to me. My iPhone will literally shuffle to "Avalanche" randomly while I trudge through some tougher days here in the city and I can honestly say I’m so happy someone else might be listening to it too and hopefully feel uplifted. Dreams are funny little things. We want what we "dream" about the most, so sometimes we run away from actually seeing them into fruition because we’re scared we’ll fail at getting to see them at all. It’s life’s biggest trap; fear constantly trying to deter us from our purpose, our birthright. Sure, there are still days post-EP release that I feel like I’m still not moving forward despite fire catching under my feet from sprinting. So I stop, take a second and think about where I was, say, two years ago, and how far I’ve come. And then I’m reminded my other dreams will be my future reality as long as I keep being the "Avalanche."

5. "EveryTime" is another song I love...about having a relationship end because the other person dumps you and you think about all the things they said that can contradict the dumping. "Alien" is another great song about moving forward after a break-up. When you perform these songs, do your raw emotions come up each time or are you far enough away from the situation now to just sing these songs as is? Oh, my emotions are always at the forefront of a vocal, especially when it’s a record I wrote. I believe words can be moving, but the delivery of a lyric is most important. Writing it is just half of the work; the other half comes from opening yourself up onstage so that your audience can feel comfortable enough opening themselves up. I’m known to chat about the meaning of my songs before actually singing the song (when my band reads this, they’ll laugh). I am adamant about making my audience feel at home. It’s only then will I be able to really reach wayyy into their heartstrings and tug away. Music is suppose to make us feel — we could use some more of emotional realignment in today’s world. It’s okay to CRY! :-)

6. Do the people who you write about in your songs know they are part of your music catalog? If so, how do they feel about it? This is always a trap question in interviews! Haha. No, I’m joking. I think some do, yeah. Or maybe one or two hear a song of mine and think, "ohh, I bet this is about me," even when it’s not. The first time I wrote "EveryTime," my mom was obsessed with who the song was about. More than anyone I ever even dated! She’s still wondering. ;-)

7. You celebrated the release of Here with a concert at The Metropolitan Room this past September and now you are returning there on October 26. What do you like best about performing at The Metropolitan Room? I first went to the Metropolitan Room about 6 years ago when I first moved to NYC. I immediately fell in love with the quaint but powerful energy of it as a performance venue. It just felt so homey and comfortable. After finishing my EP, I told Cannon, my manager, I’d like to do my EP Release Concert there. We hadn’t even looked into booking venues yet when on the day of my first single release of "EveryTime," Metropolitan Room’s booking manager reached out to me directly via Facebook, said he’d seen my music through a friend’s post, and asked if I’d like to perform there. I couldn’t believe the mysterious (and awesome) way the Universe works! That day was one of the best of my life, for several reasons.

8. So far, what is the best part about performing live in front of your fans? What is it like to meet them after a show? What has been one of your most memorable fan encounters? Making my audience laugh and cry is the BEST, haha. If you leave a concert of mine and haven’t at least conjured up half a tear, I didn’t do my due-diligence. I honestly have the warmest group of human beings attending my shows. They’re so incredibly supportive and convey their belief in me and my artistry beautifully. At my last show, the EP Release, a teacher approached me whom I’d never met. She explained she’d been at my previous show and remembered "Alien" the most because of its message. She told me, "I believe in the message of this song and I really hope your wish comes true of kids around the world hearing it, because I’m certain my students would benefit from it." That made my night.

9. As someone who is making his way in the world of music, what advice do you wish someone had given you that you did not get? My whole life, including now even, I’m hell-bent on reaching certain milestones — attaining certain goals and achievements. I’m the most insatiable person I know. I’m finally realizing now that it’s not about a destination, but about the journey. That’s something I’ve had to learn on my own and it’s an invaluable piece of understanding life that’ll lead to living a happier & more content one.

10. Coke or Pepsi? Pepsi, hands down! I’m always rooting for the underground but I honestly like the taste better too.

Mathieu BlueMore on Mathieu:

Born in a small town in New Hampshire, singer, songwriter, Mathieu Blue was raised by a contemporary gospel singer mother and construction industry entrepreneur father.

Demonstrating a gift for music early in his childhood, Mathieu's adolescence was spent in talent shows, rehearsals, and performances that further fueled his love affair with music.

Influenced by vocalists ranging from Mariah Carey and Brian McKnight to Phil Collins and Garth Brooks, Mathieu has gradually developed a distinctly unique sound infused with hints of urban pop, soul, R&B, and deep country tones.

Now living in New York City, Mathieu just released his debut EP Here, a 4 track-EP fill with smooth vocals that reflect his soulful, country inspirations, as well as carefully crafted lyrics that invoke the feelings of love, despair, and individualism that he has experienced in his musical journey. 

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