Call Answered: Perez Hilton: Full House The Musical! A Tanner Family Parody!

With over 300 million views a month, Perez Hilton gives the 411 on everybody! It's with great honor that I now get to give the skinny on Perez! Through this interview, I hope you will see the man, father, and performer behind Perez Hilton, the gossip columnist! You can catch Perez starring in Full House The Musical! A Tanner Family Parody!Off-Broadway at Theatre 80 in NYC (80 St. Marks Street, between 1st and 2nd Avenue). Click here for tickets!

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1. You are currently starring in Full House The Musical! as "Danny Tanner." This is your second musical theatre show that you are starring in. What made you want to get into musical theatre and why did you want to be part of Full House The Musical!? I love musicals! I love the theater community and I just love being on stage. I basically live my life as if I were in one! A musical comedy, of course. Thankfully my life is not Rent! I wanted to be a part of Full House The Musical! because I knew it would be fun and - most importantly - good. I loved Bayside!The Musical! and Showgirls! The Musical, both of which were done by the creators of Full House The Musical!, so I trusted they would make another great show - and they have!

2. What do you relate to most about the character of "Danny Tanner"? Being a loving dad!

From left to right: Toronto Cast of "Full House The Musical": Marguerite Halcovage, Bridget Russell Kennedy, John Duff, Perez Hilton, Marshall Louise, Amanda Nichols, and Seth Blum, Photo Credit: Nathan West

From left to right: Toronto Cast of "Full House The Musical": Marguerite Halcovage, Bridget Russell Kennedy, John Duff, Perez Hilton, Marshall Louise, Amanda Nichols, and Seth Blum, Photo Credit: Nathan West

3. As a father yourself, how do your parenting skills differ from that of "Danny's" and how are they similar? I'm very nurturing, like "Danny." And, unlike him, I have real-life problems - not sitcom drama. "How do I deal with this anxiety?" "All this preschool admissions headache!" "How can I spend less and make more?" Etc.

4. If Bob Saget came to see this show, what would he think of your impersonation of him? He wouldn't think I was doing an impersonation of him. Because I'm not. Nor was I trying to. This show isn't a musical based on the show. It's a parody. I'm not a vocal mimic. And I had no interest in that. I just wanted to be honest to the material we're working with here, which is a parallel universe and a very heightened reality. This is not the Full House you watched on TV!

5. How did you prepare for this role? I prepared for it by taking even more voice lessons than I usually take. I upped the frequency because I wanted to sound as good as possible and be as comfortable with the material as possible. The voice is a muscle and it does improve and get stronger the more you work at it. And I've been working at it for three years with Liz Caplan now. Thanks, Liz!

Perez, JR, and Mia Hilton, Photo Credit: Daniel Dottavio

Perez, JR, and Mia Hilton, Photo Credit: Daniel Dottavio

6. Your site gets over 300 million views a month! You are known all over the world! When did you first feel like you made it? What do you miss about your pre-fame days? What is one perk of being famous that you didn't have before? I first felt like I made it in 2007, when I was able to hire my mom and sister to work with me. That was a huge moment for me, when I was able to help my family - and they help me too. What do I miss most about my pre-fame days? Dating! One perk of my job is free theater tickets. I enjoy that perk as often as possible!

7. With being so famous, when people criticize you, does the criticism hurt? If so, how do you get through the hurt? I'm too busy to let criticism hurt me. I gotta keep moving forward, because there's too much work to do. Plus, I'm accustomed to criticism and expect it.

8. If you had to be locked in a cell with one celebrity, who would want to be locked away with? Jonathan Groff. Because we would fall madly in love and keep ourselves happy and occupied! Ha!

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9. If Perez Hilton the gossip columnist were to write something gossipy about Perez Hilton the person, what would he write? That I'm really boring. All I do is spend time with my kids, work and see shows.

10. If you were conducting this interview, what is one question you would have asked that I didn't? What else do you have going on? Well, you can listen to my new podcast, The PHP, at - and subscribe on iTunes to The Perez Hilton Podcast. I LOVE doing it so much! We dish the dirt and I also get to share about my personal life. It's an amazing opportunity for people to get to know the real me, plus hear some juicy celeb news with some strong opinions!


11. I've started a new section on "Call Me Adam" about inspiring people to improve their life by one percent. What part of your life do you want to improve by 1%? What do you think is preventing you from achieving this change? I want to improve my work/life balance. Work is preventing me! Ha!

12. How do you want to be remembered? As an amazing father!

Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton

More on Perez:

A graduate of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts acting program, Perez Hilton is pleased to be returning to the New York City stage, most recently appearing in Tom D'Angora's off-Broadway musical NEWSical. His TV credits include guest-starring roles on Glee and Hot In Cleveland, amongst many. He can be seen in the upcoming horror film Most Likely To Die, co-starring Heather Morris.

Since launching in 2004, — originally named– has become one of the leading go-to sites for celebrity news garnering over 300 million hits a month. He has been featured in/on the L.A. Times, The View, The Wall Street Journal, MTV's TRL, Larry King, CNN, E!, Time, Paper Magazine, LIFE, SPIN, CBS News, Business Week, Much Music, LA Magazine, The Advocate, Dateline, Howard Stern, Us Weekly, InTouch Weekly, NY Times, Billboard and many more. "P Nasty" has created an empire which includes his own record label, Perezious Music, introducing acts such as Slimmy, Travis Garland and Semi Precious Weapons to the world. He also launched his mobile website at, a new fashion website and two best sellers in 2009, Perez Hilton's Red Carpet Suicide and Perez Hilton's True Bloggywood Stories.

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