Dina Martina, Photo Credit: David BelisleAbsolutely packed with ludicrous song, horrifying stories and overburdened costumes, Dina Martina’s shows are impossible to adequately describe, other than that they’ve become synonymous with jaw-dropping pathos and mind-blowing comedy.

After her 9th sold-out summer in Provincetown, MA, Dina Martina is bringing her hilarious new show A Dour Palette to NYC's Laurie Beechman Theatre (407 West 42nd Street at 9th Avenue) from September 26-October 5. Click here for tickets!

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Dina Martina, Photo Credit: David Belisle1. After a successful run this summer in Provincetown, your latest show is about to take The Laurie Beechman Theatre by storm. What do you enjoy most about performing this new show? My favorite part in this show was doing the Chinese splits, but unfortunately that part was cut from the show right before the first preview, due to time constraints.

2. How does this show differ from your previous shows? The old shows depended heavily on marionettes and Cirque du Soleil-style dancing - not to mention me doing the Chinese splits – whereas the new show is completely text-driven.

3. What do you hope audiences come away with after seeing this new show? A profound lack of ennui.

4. What excites you about returning to the Laurie Beechman Theatre? What does The Beechman offer you that another venue does not? It offers me an intimate, basement atmosphere with enough exits to satisfy New York Fire Code laws. It's pretty exciting.

Dina Martina in Provincetown, MA5. In this day and age of social media, how do you feel social media has enhanced your career and exposure? I don't know if it's enhanced my career, but I just think that life in general is so much more fulfilling now that I measure my worth in Twitter followers.

6. You are amongst a fortunate group of entertainers who can make a living as a performer. What was it like, the moment you realized you could do this job full time? It was bittersweet, really; I felt gratitude for the self-sufficiency, yet sadness that I would have to start paying for french fries.

7. You've performed around the world from London to New York to Seattle to Provincetown, MA. What do you enjoy most about traveling with your shows and what challenges do you face? I love the in-flight snacks; they're free… and that means "gratis."

Adam Rothenberg and Dina Martina at Provincetown's Crown & Anchor 20138. You always take the time after your shows to interact with your fans. What is your favorite part about meeting your fans? When I can, I do love meeting the fans after the show and initiating some sort of "good touch," but unfortunately that luxury is not always present – due to venue scheduling or court orders or whatever…

9. Do you notice a difference between your international fans and stateside fans? I was thinking about this the last time I flew to London. The plane had just touched down and we were looking for a parking place, and I asked the English woman next to me if she thought there was any difference between Americans and English peeps and she said, "We have hoarders; you have slobs."

10. What's your favorite way to spend your day off? That really doesn't happen much because I'm such a worker bee; but when I do get a day off, it's pretty casual; you know, tee shirt, jeans, leave the phone off the hook and zone out on Small Wonder, you know? Or maybe just throw on a camisole and go to a discotheque, somethin' like that.


11. If you could have any super power, which one would you choose? USA! USA! USA!

Dina Martina, Photo Credit: Bobby MillerMore on Dina:

Tragic singer, horrible dancer and surreal raconteur, the hysterically funny Dina Martina debuted at Seattle’s Center on Contemporary Art in 1989, instantly gleaning reviews that dubbed her "magically warped," "hilariously unfortunate" and "utter genius." Since then, she’s packed venues in New York, Los Angeles, London, Toronto and San Francisco and shared the bill with acts such as Modest Mouse, Margaret Cho, Nina Hagen and Village People.

Dina Martina has been hailed as "Divinely funny" (Time Out London), "Painfully funny and demented" (Seattle Times) and "The most original drag performer working in America today" (Village Voice). What a Dina Martina show is, quite simply put, is a smart and hilarious evening of entertainment that you will never forget.

Dina Martina’s hugely successful shows in New York and Provincetown have made ardent fans of John Waters, Whoopi Goldberg, Matt Stone, Jennifer Coolidge, Graham Norton and many others. Martina is the 2012 recipient of The Stranger Genius Award for Theater and has been nominated for an Alpert Award, a SPIT Award for Best Solo Show and two GLAAD Media Awards for Outstanding Off-Off Broadway Theater. She did not win those. Hooray!

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