Becca Battoe is a rising performer who has dazzled the world of dance, theatre, film, television, and voiceovers. Currently, Becca recorded the bestselling book "50 Shades of Grey," by E L James.

In addition to "50 Shades of Grey," Rebecca has recorded audiobooks for "50 Shades of Darker," "50 Shades of Freed," "It's Not The End of the World," "Losing Charlotte," amongst others.

Her film and television credits include NBC's "Scrubs," "Waupaca," "Midnight Scorpion," "Walk A Mile In My Pradas," "The War Within," "Misogyny," "Little Black Dress (& Heels)," "Spotlight," "Not Quite Hemingway," "Sing," "Belle," "Bagged," "Carpe PM," "Numb,"  "Invasion," "P.I. Squad," and pilots for "The Amazing Rocketman," "The Strippersons," and "Marsha Potter Gets A Life."

Becca has lit up the stage in "Cats" (Sierra Repertory Theatre), "Into the Woods" and "Cabaret" (The Corbett), "Little Women The Musical" (World Premiere, Y.E.S. Festival), and "The Nutcracker Suite" (Louisville Ballet).

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1. Who or what inspired you to become a performer? Ever since I can remember, all I’ve ever wanted to do was entertain people. My first memory of this feeling was going to the Circus, seeing the beautiful women hanging from the wires, and spinning through the air. The way I felt watching them, I knew I wanted to make other people feel that way, too. I remember seeing CATS when I was 9, and saying to myself THAT’S what I want to do!

2. Who haven't you worked with that you would like to? This list is a LONG one! So many amazing actors in this town, and I’ve yet to scratch the surface. Meryl Streep is the epitome of fearless actor for me. I’d absolutely love to work with her. So many actors, and directors as well! Hello, Mr. Spielberg!?!

3. You have quite a diverse career between acting, dancing, and voice over work. What made you want to diversify your career in this way? I actually started out as a dancer, and got into acting and singing once I got to college. The voiceover gigs were a gift from the Universe. I didn’t think of voiceover as something that I aspired to do because I didn’t know much about it. I guess, like many little girls, I always imagined myself voicing a Disney princess someday, but I never knew the enormous possibility that exists in the voice-over community. I had no clue what a wonderful opportunity and fantastic time it would be to work in the audio book world! All in all, I love to entertain, so whatever form that opportunity arrives in, I always try my best to say yes!

4. You have recorded 15 audio books over your career. What made you want to get into recording audio books? What do you like most about voice over work? I was lucky enough to meet a director at Random House through a friend of mine, and soon after had the chance to audition for them myself. Before I knew it, the audio books were coming in, and I had myself a nice little career going! I absolutely love to read, and I’ve found that I’m quite good at telling stories. To have the good fortune of getting paid to do something you love is really incredible.

5. One of the audio books you have recorded is the widely successful "50 Shades of Grey." What excited you about getting this job? How does it feel to be "the voice" of this book? As an actor, I always pride myself on choosing projects that really challenge and scare me. This book did both. I had no idea what a spectacular phenomenon these books would become, and I couldn’t be more grateful to be a part of it.

6. You have also had success between film/TV/theatre/dance. What do you get from your theatrical/dance endeavors that you do not get from your film/television work? Performing live in front of a crowd is really like no other feeling in the world. The audience is like another character in whatever you are working on. You can feel their energy, and it changes your performance from night to night. The thrill is unbelievable. It’s instant gratification that what you are doing is moving people in some way.

7. You have also starred on a few internet shows "P.I. Squared," "The Strippersons," and "The War Within." What made you want to work in this "new medium"? For me acting is fun. Any time I have the opportunity to play, I will play. Those web series were all a real blast to work on.

8. What have you learned about yourself from being a performer? I’ve learned to believe in myself no matter what. People will always try to knock you down, but you have to work hard and stay confident that what you are doing is enough.

9. What's the best advice you've ever received? My late grandfather always used to say to me, "It seems like the harder I work, the luckier I get." Between hearing that quote and witnessing my mom work so hard to raise three girls while she worked full time and put herself through school to make a better life for us that I inherited my extreme work ethic. It’s so important to keep moving forward and to work as hard as you can in order to achieve success.

10. If you could dream about anyone while you sleep, who would it be? I would dream of my family and friends that have passed too soon. Spend time with them again like we used to. I’d love to meet myself as a child again, and listen to everything she has to say! I bet I’d learn a lot.


11. Favorite way to spend your day off? Rollerblading and boogie boarding at the beach!

12. Favorite way to stay in shape? I do a lot of yoga, and have recently gotten really in to kickboxing. When I know I need to tone up fast, I always hit up Barry’s Bootcamp for several days in a row.

13. Favorite skin care product? So many! I love Philosophy’s Miracle worker system, and I’ve been using Bliss Triple Oxygen line lately as well.

14. If you could have any super power, which one would you choose? If I had a superpower, I would want the ability to understand and communicate in any language – human, animal, you name it. I think that ability would be priceless!

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