With a university background in film direction as well as in electronic engineering, Nelson de Robles stands out thoughout his career as he masters various means of expression like cinema, adversing film, and new medias. His artistic and technical background led him to multimedia direction for Moment Factory.

Moment Factory is unveiling a brand new state of the art 3D sound and light show called "Duality," which will debut on July 4, 2012 in Atlantic City after the fireworks display. "Duality" is 8 1/2 minutes of cutting edge light and sound effects, with a score composed by Montreal's Vincent Letellier. "Duality" will run year round, twice every hour, on Boardwalk Hall.

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1. Who or what inspired you to work in multimedia design? I started working in film and then advertising, so moving to multimedia design was the next step for me. Multimedia design is a new way of expression. It provides new media and new canvases. I always like the challenges it presents for me.

2. What made you want to work at Moment Factory? I've been working with Moment Factory for six years already. When I started, it was a really small company. The interesting thing about Moment Factory is the diversity here. There are people from all over the world working here. The team for "Duality," our new 3D sound and light show in Atlantic City, is made up of many different people. I'm from Argentina, another member is from France, and yet another is from Brazil. It's a very international team and melting pot of cultures and styles. It's a very exciting environment.

3. Moment Factory is about to unveil your brand new 3D sound and light show, "Duality," which you just briefly mentioned, in Atlantic City. What made Moment want to take on this project? We were very excited about this project from the beginning when Atlantic City Alliance contacted us to do this proposition. They wanted to have a really nice show with a "Wow" moment for everybody. We were definitely up for the challenge. For us, "Duality" was a very nice experience. It was great to have full creativity on the show. Everything came together smoothly. We are very happy and excited about "Duality." A lot of people from Moment are coming to see the show on July 4, so it's going to be a big party.

Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall from Moment Factory on Vimeo.

4. What do you hope visitors to Atlantic City come away with after seeing the show? The idea is to have everyone leave with a big smile on their face. There are some really terrific effects in the show and the music is incredible. We have a very talented musician from Montreal working on the project as well, which is very exciting. "Duality" is a combination of everything from the surround sound to the lighting to the story being told. It's an 8 1/2 minute show and it's very colorful and exciting!

5. What did you enjoy most about collaborating with everyone on this project? We had a great working relationship with the client. They are very understanding and know what they want and we managed to give them what they needed.

The technical parts of the show were very challenging because we were working in a historical building. Our first technical plans were not correct because there are a lot of things that you can't attach to Boardwalk Hall so we needed to adjust that and we did. Our technical team was impeccable with this, giving us a very professional installation.

Our production/creative team were fantastic in putting the light structure together.

6. "Duality" is the first permanent light show of its kind in Atlantic City. What does it mean to you to be part of this historic show? It's very exciting. We are getting a lot of press. We were in USA Today and that was just an incredible feeling. The feedback from the people here in Atlantic City has been wonderful. We are very excited to see the public's reaction once the show is unveiled on July 4 after the fireworks.

Photo Credit: Moment Factory7. How did creating "Duality" challenge you in a way other projects have not? I'm always looking for a challenge. If I don't have an external challenge, I will challenge myself to do something different every single time. This particular project allowed me to explore a new graphics style for me. I found that to be a very successful exploration and would use it again in another project. It worked very, very beautifully.

8. How did you decide to have Vincent Letellier create the original score? Well, I already had the concept of the story so I presented Vincent with a very inspiring document. He regularly tours with us, so I knew Vincent very well, and I know that when he gets inspired, his eyes start to shine, and we are on a good track. That is exactly what happened. When he came with the first rack of music, it was right on target for the show. We made a few minor adjustments, but overall the music was spot on.


9. Who haven't you worked with that you would like to? I feel forunate for those we have already had the opportunity to work with, like Madonna and Celine Dion, but there are so many people I'd still love to work with.

10. As you just mentioned, you have created multimedia light shows for two of my favorite artists, Madonna and Celine Dion. What was the best part about working with each of them? Madonna and Celine's shows are very different styles, but both are interesting. Both artists have different ways to approaching their project.

Celine has a huge team that has been working together for the past 25 years and really share the work together. So, from the get-go, we started creating a new show for Las Vegas. It was a huge contract and commitment with her.

Madonna is more her. She checks everything and is very intuitive. She needs to approve every single thing.  We were hired to start with the Superbowl and see how that went. It was a very fast track to put together, with very, very specific technical limitations. But, that went so well that Madonna fell in love with us and asked us to work on her MDNA Tour. We just finished her tour and everybody is loving it.

It was a pleasure to work with both of them and we really enjoyed getting to be in the rehearsals of the show as well.

Me: I'm actually going to Madonna's concert in September here in NYC. I'm really looking forward to seeing your work on her tour as well.

Nelson: In September, she's also going to be playing in Atlantic City at Boardwalk Hall. That night we are going to have the inside with Madonna and the outside with "Duality." So, we are taking over the whole building.

Me: That's terrfic! That's going to be a great, great night.

Nelson: Yes, it will.

Super Bowl Halftime Show - Making of from Moment Factory on Vimeo.


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