Last time I spoke with Will and Anthony Nunziata, they were getting ready to release their debut CD, "Make Someone Happy." Now that the CD has been released, I recently had the pleasure of catching up with Will and Anthony once again. This time around we discuss their brand new show at Feinstein's at Loews Regency, how it feels to have their debut album, "Make Someone Happy," released, traveling the country, and a few other fun details of their life and career!

Will and Anthony's new show debuts at Feinstein's at Loews Regency in NYC from July 10-14 (540 Park Avenue at 61st Street). Click here for tickets!

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1. Last time we spoke, you were just about to release your debut album "Make Someone Happy." Now that it has been released, what has been the best part about having your album out there for the world to hear?

Will:  It's been great to share this intimate album with friends and fans as its our first public "statement" about who we are as artists right now, and what we have to say collectively and individually. It's been a thrill having Barnes & Nobles stores selling them wherever we do signings and hearing radio stations playing songs from the album across the country.

Anthony: Adam, it's great to talk with you again. Having our CD out there is a great way for people to "take us home" with them. It's been a thrill to have people order our music from all around the world, too.

2. What have you enjoyed most about traveling around the country promoting the album?

Will: I love meeting new people, visiting new cities, and performing in such gorgeous intimate & large venues our country has. Whether its a night club of 150, or a Symphony Hall of 5,000, to be able to see how the music of the American Songbook and these Classic Broadway songs affect audiences from Wisoncsin, to Singapore, to Palm Beach, to San Francisco, to right here in the Big Apple, I think is a testament to these great composers & lyricists of these songs. They are truly timeless songs.

To be able to share these experiences with my brother is pretty neat.

Anthony: It continues to be joy to travel and meet people from all walks of life and witness the power and universality of music.

3. You are returning to Feinstein's at Loews Regency in NYC from July 10-14. What made you want to return to Feinstein's? What do you like about performing there so much?

Will: Feinstein's has become our "home" in NYC. I feel very fortunate to play an annual, week-long engagement there. Everyone at Feinstein's, from Michael himself to Entertainment Director John Iachetti, to the wait staff and the housekeepers -- they make each engagement at the venue a memorable & special one. They really take care of us. What I also love about Feinstein's is that it's a classy night club that brings back the glamour of the NYC from another era.

Anthony: It's a great honor to be have been asked back for another engagement at this prestigious nightclub. The staff and technical crew are like family. I go to the Club to see other performers, and it's like a family get together. It's a supportive and loving atmosphere. The intimacy this venue provides really allows me to interact with the audience in a personal, fun, and improvised way.

4. What can fans expect from this upcoming engagement at Feinstein's?

Will: A brand new show! We are singing a few songs from the album, as we are going to be selling signed copies of it after the show. But most of the songs are new. Fans can expect mash-ups of "This Could Be the Start of Something Big" with "A Lot of Livin to Do," "What Kind of Fool Am I" with "Who Can I Turn To," fresh arrangements of "The Way You Look Tonight," "Teach Me Tonight," "Just in Time," a few fun medleys, and of course, the unpredictable back-and-forth dialogue in between the songs.

This past year on the road, Anthony & I have really fine-tuned our personalities on-stage, and it's been a fun ride to see audience's reactions to the imprompu surprises that come up in each and every show. Feinstein's is also marking the kick-off of our 2012-2013 National Tour of this brand new show, and we are thrilled to premiere it in our very own backyard.

Anthony: This show is going to be very different than anything we have done. It's going to be fun with fresh arrangements of great songs, with lots of audience interaction. We are backed by a three-piece band (piano, bass, drums) which will really add a great "swing" to the evening. We're looking forward to a fun show and making it a party!

Will and Anthony in New York City5. Since your album is called "Make Someone Happy," what are some places in New York that you've visited that make you happy?

Will: NYC is the place in New York where I am happiest. It's home. It's where I grew up, it's where I live, and it's where my family & closest friends are. It's where I see myself living for the rest of my life. Whether work one day continues to take me around the country, to Los Angeles, overseas, who knows!...NYC will always be home.

In terms of restaurants, my favorite restaurant in NYC has to be Vice Versa ( Vice-Versa has become my go-to restaurant. Whether its to stop in for a quick drink to say hi to my friends, Stefano & Franco (the owners), a nice meal with friends & family in town, or a place I know I can see familiar faces and catch up -- the environment is welcoming, the food is exquisite, and who doesn't love a good Italian joint with prices to beat?

And of course there's the theatre. I still get chills everytime I see a great piece of theatre on Broadway.  Here are some of my recommendations. I will try to be calm. (deep breath) A play I am recommending to everyone is THE LYONS. My pal Linda Lavin is giving a performance that is filled with so much emotion, subtly, nuance, and devastating humor that words can't describe. Just amazing. NEWSIES - so much fun, and Chris Gattelli's choreography is thrilling. Nina Arianda in VENUS IN FUR is a star-turn. I think she's Donna Murphy meets Meryl Streep. Nina is a chameleon of an actress, and I can't wait to see what she does next. Then there's Audra in PORGY AND BESS. Hello? This woman's emotional capacity is limitless, and she is the Bess for the books. She's the most talented human being I think the Musical Theatre has ever seen. (and scene).

Anthony: Central Park is my favorite location in New York City - I go there for a run, tennis, row boating, hanging out with friends - I'm transported to what feels like a European park when I enter. It's always so calming to go to the Park. Did I mention the row boating? ROW BOATING!


6. If you could have any super power, which one would you choose? 

Will: I would want the power to heal. I know it sounds very "Oprah" of me to say this, but I mean it. I'd want the ability to heal the sick children in this world who aren't given a chance, to heal the ill adults in this world who can't afford health coverage, to heal the mentally & physically challenged, to heal an environment that is in need of being better taken care of, to heal the hearts heavy with sorrow and fear, and to heal the human beings in this world who continue to chose to discriminate & divide, rather than celebrate & bring together.

Anthony: I'd love to have a super power where I close my eyes and be transported anywhere in the world. I'd save a lot on flights.

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