I first spoke to Del Shores in 2009 when he, Jason Dottley, Rue McClanahan, Caroline Rhea, and Leslie Jordan were touring the country with their show "A Sordid Comedy Affair." Since that time his play "Yellow" was a sold-out success at The Coast Playhouse in CA, he turned his play "The Trials and Tribulations of a Trailer Trash Housewife" into the feature film "Blues For Willadean," and toured the country with his one-man show "Del Shores: Sordid Confessions."

Now Del and I have re-grouped to discuss his new one-man show "Del Shores: Naked. Sordid. Reality," in which Del will share more sordid stories about his Texas family, read letters he's written to the haters (including Newt Gingrich and Kirk Cameron), act out scenes from your favorite reality shows (including Hoarders, The Kardashians and The Housewives of Beverly Hills) and yes, he will address his new, unexpected, single life.

Launching in New York City at Don't Tell Mama on June 2 at 6pm and 8:30pm, "Del Shores: Naked. Sordid. Reality" will then travel the country! Call 212-757-0788 after 4pm to make your reservation! $20 cover + 2 drink minimum. CASH ONLY. 

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1. Since we last spoke in 2009, a lot has happened for you. Your play "Yellow" was a sold-out success at The Coast Playhouse in CA, you turned your play "The Trials and Tribulations of a Trailer Trash Housewife" into the feature film "Blues for Willadean," you toured the country with "Del Shores: Sordid Confessions" and now you are once again out on tour with your new show "Del Shores: Naked. Sordid. Reality." What made you want to do another tour and how did you come up with the title and concept for this show? Wow, love the question because it makes me realize how busy I've been! I love working and have really gotten addicted to performing again. Standup is a perfect fit for me because I like to rant, to spew, to tell stories. The last tour was so successful and I was so happy on the road. I've decided to try and go out and connect with my fans once a year on tour. It feeds me. It heals me. And frankly, I need a little healing right now.

2. What made you want to do another tour and how did you come up with the title and concept for this show, "Del Shores: Naked. Sordid. Reality."? Well, Sordid is my brand so it's always a word I use in my shows. My ex-husband Jason Dottley was a master at marketing and that was something I learned and embraced from him. It was his idea to change the name of my first show from "The Storyteller" to "My Sordid Life." Naked implies "exposure" and I will be exposing MUCH in this show. No skin, oh no, no, no, no…without photoshop, that would drive them away! But the stories will be honest, the rants MY truth and the "reality" part is based on the fact that I'm actually acting out scenes from some reality shows -- "Hoarders," "The Kardashians" and "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." Not changing a word.

3. How will "Del Shores: Naked. Sordid. Reality." differ from your "Sordid Confessions" tour? There are similarities of course. More letters with my famous P.S. Fuck You. But I'm single for the first time in 10 years and I'll address that. It's an elephant in the room and it cannot be ignored. I also have an entire section on my real Aunt Sissy!

4. What do you hope audiences come away with after seeing the show? I want them to laugh a lot and think a little. And whisper…"Wow, Del Shores really looks great and should get laid often!"

5. "Del Shores: Naked. Sordid. Reality." will be making a stop in NYC on June 2nd at Don't Tell Mama. What made you want to bring this show to Don't Tell Mama? Laurie Beechman where I've played in the past was booked and I've always loved Don't Tell Mama. My manager Michael thought of it. He reps Coco Peru and I believe she's played there. I'm spending a week there with my daughters and told them, "Dad will work one night and the rest of the trip is all vacation!"

What does this venue offer that another one does not? History! I love how legendary it is! I'm very excited about playing a new venue in NYC.

6. What do you get from your one-man stand-up shows that you do not get from your film/television/playwrighting? Instant laughs and adoration and complete creative control!

7. What's your favorite part of the creative process in putting your one-man shows together? I love finding the stories, the themes, and hitting that stage for the first time seeing if it works. NYC will be my first shows. I started "Confessions" there so I thought…well, it'll bring me luck. To launch in NYC, I was told recently was either stupid or brave!

Where is your favorite place to rehearse? In my living room. In the car. To my friends. I'll just corner anybody and try out something.

8. You created one of my newer favorite TV shows, based upon your hit film, "Sordid Lives." Looking back, what did you enjoy most about turning the film into a TV series? I frankly loved working such an amazing cast. I loved being on location with my husband at the time and our new puppy Ty Guapo. Returning to those characters was sheer heaven and working with Caroline Rhea for the first time, who has become one of my best friends and the late great Rue McClanahan along with all the other players I had worked with before was a highlight in my career. I miss Winters, TX and the Sordid franchise and hope to return to it one more time for a film or two. It was so unfortunate that greed from the producer of the show cost us the show.

9. You were also a writer for one of my all time favorite TV shows in the 80s, "Family Ties." What was the best part about working this hit series? I actually got my WGA card writing one episode. Gary David Goldberg (the creator) saw my play "Daddy's Dyin'" and hired me in the lobby that night. I was 29 years old. It was a monumental opportunity for me, writing TV for the first time, and Gary taught me much. In that, my episode never aired. I turned it in and we went on strike the next day. I was featured on the news as the newest member on strike with the WGA.

10. What have you learned about yourself from all your endeavors (performer, writer, director, producer)? Oh there are many things I've learned, Adam, but I must say today after yesterday, a hard day signing divorce papers, I've learned that I'm strong and I always take tragedy and turn it into comedy. I also have realized that people like to see me with a microphone in my hand, ranting. AND, I've learned that the power of my words and stories has changed lives for the better. That's huge and very humbling.

11. If you could have any super power, which one would you choose? Oh I'd like to read minds. Hear other's thoughts.


12. Favorite way to spend your day off? Reading a great book.

13. How old were you when you had your first real kiss? Wow. Real. I guess that would be one with a man that felt so right, where everything made sense. Pathetically late coming out, being a Southern Baptist preacher's damaged by religion child….35!!!

14. What's the most unusual place you've ever had sex? Hand job on an airplane. And for me sex means somebody came!

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