Will and Anthony singingThis past summer, I once again interviewed twin brothers Will and Anthony Nunziata just as they were getting ready to premiere their brand new show at Feinstein's at Loews Regency. And what a show it was! (click here for my review)

Dazzling and delighting audiences with their fresh arrangements of popular music, show tunes, and standards, Will and Anthony are now bringing their talents "home" on October 20, to The Emelin Theatre in Mamaroneck, NY. As we discussed this "homecoming," things got personal and what ensues is a heartfelt interview I hope everyone enjoys.

Will and Anthony will perform at The Emelin Theatre (153 Library Lane, Mamaroneck, NY 10543) on Saturday, October 20 at 8pm. Click here for tickets!

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1. Last time we spoke, you were just about to premiere your brand new show at Feinstein's Loews Regency. Looking back, what did you enjoy most about this engagement? 

Will: The last engagement was a great experience. It was bittersweet, as we learned during the middle of our run that the club would be closing at the end of the year. At the same time, I am so grateful that we have had 4 great engagements at Feinstein's these past 3 years, and so grateful to everyone at the club for their support and belief, including Michael Feinstein, Entertainment Director John Iachetti, the wait staff, and everyone at Feinstein's at Loews Regency. What I most enjoyed about the run was that I really made sure to live in the moment, especially with the knowledge it would be the last time I'd be performing at the Loews location.

Anthony: Performing in NYC is always a blast. It was a great time to work with our new arrangements with our swinging three-piece band.

Will and Anthony with their Dad, Joe, getting their first music lesson2. You grew up in Westchester County and on October 20, you will be heading back "home" to perform at the Emelin Theatre. What excites you and if anything, makes you nervous, about this upcoming performance? 

Will: I am excited to present a brand new concert, specifically tailored for the Emelin and our "hometown crowd." I also look forward to seeing friends, past teachers from Pelham, and old schoolmates that I haven't seen in years! Will be a fun "reunion" to say the least!

Anthony: It will be fun revisiting songs that influenced me while growing up in Pelham Manor. It'll be great to see friends, teachers, and family who haven't seen us perform in a while.

3. What does the Emelin Theatre offer that another venue does not?

Will: The Emelin is a gorgeous venue that is a blend between having the set up and feel of being in a Broadway theatre, but at the same time feels intimate.

Anthony: I hear the acoustics are world class and that the theater creates an intimate environment. And this will be our Emelin Theatre debut!

4. How will this show, in your hometown, differ from your previous engagements?

Will: It's going to be a blend of all of our favorite songs and stories, certainly a "best of" show.

Anthony: We will tailor dialogue points and our song selections to make it feel like a "homecoming."

5. I'm excited to get to see you perform at the Emelin Theatre, which is a bigger venue than some of the other places you've performed. How will you utilize the space of Emelin to make your show bigger while keeping the intimacy of a smaller venue?

Will: Whether it's playing to a venue of 100 seats or 5,000 seats, the commitment to the songs and storytelling always remain the same. But the size of the venue certainly affects how broad I perform. For the Emelin, because although in a "proscenium" set up, it's still intimate enough where the audience can certainly expect to feel like they are in our living room.

Anthony: All venues vary in size - so wherever we go, we walk the space and decide how much of the stage we are going to use, when to go into the audience, and how best to make sure our audiences feel that they are getting an intimate concert experience.

Will and Anthony with their parents Fran and Joe at Feinstein's Loews Agency6. What does it mean to you to get to perform in your hometown?

Will: Growing up in Pelham Manor (only 10 minutes from Mamaroneck where the Emelin is), it's going to be very special evening. I have fond memories of my school years in Westchester County, performing in the musicals & chorus at Pelham Memorial High School, playing tennis & running cross-country, and certainly will never forget the years of singing and performing at Prospect Hill Elementary School and Pelham Children's Theatre. The love & support from the teachers & coaches in the Pelham School District are one of the main reasons I do what I do. Those were formative years of pure encouragement to follow my dreams. I've been fortunate to play some pretty neat venues across the country these past few years...but there's no feeling like "coming home."

Anthony: Performing in our home county is a thrill. It's going to be a party!


7. You will be performing selections off your debut album "Make Someone Happy." What are some of the happy moments you had growing up in Westchester County?

Will:  So many! They include the encouragement from my parents to try everything & anything I wanted. I fondly look back on the days in high school, for example, when I'd be jumping from play rehearsal, to chorus rehearsal, to cross country meets, to tennis practice, to student government meetings, to trips to NYC, to hanging out at the New York Athletic Club (where we were members for many years), to enjoying the closed-knit, comfortable lifestyle a place like Pelham Manor and Westchester County provides. I can't wait to bring this special concert "home" and can't wait to see some friends (old & new!) to the show as well!

 Anthony: I had a blessed childhood - summers at the NYAC, high school tennis matches, cross country meets, long-nights at the school rehearsing shows - it was always busy and a lot of fun!


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