I first interviewed T. Oliver Reid last February after his triumphant cabaret show "This Love I Know" at The Metropolitan Room in NYC. Since that time, he's been working on his debut CD "Do I Love You." Now, "Do I Love You" is being released on January 17 and will be available on Amazon.com and iTunes. T. Oliver Reid and I recently chatted about "Do I Love You."

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1. What made you want to release a CD? It's honestly what I've always wanted to do...Record beautiful music. As far back as I can remember, that has been a constant goal. Having a studio recording that can hold the intimacy of being in the same room with the listener is what I hope to have accomplished.

2. How did you come up with the title, concept, and song selection for "Do I Love You?" All of the songs were taken from a show I did last year. There are some different arrangements but the sentiment of finding love/losing love is still there. It's the music of the journey we all seem to have in common while looking for love.

3. What do you hope listeners come away with after hearing your album? A new love for the songs they know and a brand new love for the songs they've not heard before...To see themselves and their stories in the lyrics.

4. What excites you/mean to you to be releasing your debut CD? It's the beginning of a journey that had been postponed. Life took me in a side road but I'm finally back doing what I should be. This music shaped and shapes my life daily. The music of the American songbook is my life long lover.

5. What's your favorite part of the creative process in putting an album together? Every part of making this CD has been grand. Working with Lawrence Yurman, my MD, and figuring out arrangements, getting in the studio and doing scratch tracks and recording the entire CD in two days ( an apparent record for the sound engineer) and being able to create an amazing recording. I found myself in tears a few times at the joy of doing it and the sheer happiness at how wonderful it sounds.

6. What have you learned about yourself from being a performer/recording your CD? The years of watching great and not so great directors, choreographers and music directors were not in vain. I've learned to create and edit my work and what works or doesn't. It's all been part of my journey to becoming a great artist. I hope I'm on my way.


7. If you could record a song with anyone, who would you choose? Oof...hard question. So many great voices around but I think it would be someone who really tells a story with the lyric...Argh!!! Audra MacDonald? Kelli O'hara?

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